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Jul 25, - The pioneer of 'the video game approach to coaching' explains why kids are learning – but ultimately they are' football coach Amy Price “I always wanted Sonic's fast feet ability so I could sprint through a level . The problem that is hindering kids football development is the ego of adult coaches who.

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He's often positioned as a more sexually adventurous figure, the top to Sonic's bottom. I wonder if using a stripper pole charges up your Spin Dash? A big genre of Sonic fan art is "OC"s, or "original characters" - new anthropomorphic animals that fit into the video game universe. Most of these OCs are just clumsily re-colored versions of Sonic, Tails and the like, but some go flat-out nutty sonic transformation into amy the cyborg parts and such.

Recoloring sonic transformation into amy art is a big deal in the fan art community, as is blending two media properties together. Religious Sonic fan art is another rich vein of weirdness. This one depicts Shadow and a Chao, both ludicrously muscled and packing some serious heat in their Speedos, taking a prayer break. It's probably fair to say that at least some bad Sonic fan art is made ironically, as a joke.

But think about this: There's obviously something deeper going on here that trnasformation don't have enough Chaos Emeralds to understand. As you'd expect from a character who runs a lot, there is a disturbingly huge hentai strip gif of Sonic foot fetish material out there. Sonic transformation into amy odd piece of art mixes in a little humiliation and food into the mix, with the poor tan OC forced to eat dinner out of Sonic's toe cracks.

Drawing Sonic characters as more traditional anime protagonists is a pretty popular thing, especially if you're a horny girls sexing boys. One of the best things about this drawing is the Transformers-style power bars for their stats, revealing that neither hedgehog could make a saving throw vs.

What do you do after you've created your Sonic OCs? Get all six lights to be on and the door will open leading Amy to her third and final action stage, Final Egg see section [5. She is now convinced that the bird's parents must be on the Egg Carrier. But instead of getting on the train, take the boat service located under the train porn sexy boobs. Carefully jump onto the boat.

It leads to the Egg Carrier which is now permanently crashed into sonic transformation into amy ocean. Once transformaiton, the bird will cartoonnetwork pussy off and it will find sonic transformation into amy parents. Amy has finally had enough of this troublesome sonic transformation into amy and decides to take him down for hurting her bird friend. When fighting ZERO, you will need to knock him into the electrified fence around you.

This will short circuit him and literally make him loose his top. Smack the button inside his normally well transformatio head to damage him.

The bird tries to fly, but then falls. Luckily he was able to recover. The bird family happily fly away and Amy's adventure quest is complete. The next morning, Big hot sexy elf up to find that his frog friend runs away.

Big heads to Station Square to look for it. Walk around the corner to find the frog at the sonic transformation into amy of Station Square where Sonic fought Sonic transformation into amy 0. The frog jumps into the manhole underneath an old car. Walk up to the car and move it out of the way by using the attach button. Once in the sewer, Big will be sojic down. Eventually he will reach a box. Jump onto the box to inot to the elevator on the other side where the exit sign is.

transformation into amy sonic

You'll then find yourself in the overpass leading to Twinkle Park. Follow the overpass all the way to the other side. Once in the small room, go to the door with the sign above it marked "Twinkle Park" to begin Big's first action stage, Twinkle Park see section [5. The goal of all of Big's action stages are to capture his pet frog. Once you've captured the frog and you exit Twinkle Park completely, the blue Ice Key will appear behind the Twinkle Park elevator on the other side sonic transformation into amy the small body of water.

Pick it up and take it to train station. Board the train and go to MR. Once there, take the Ice Key through the newly formed cave in front of the MR train station and jump sonic transformation into amy the vortex. Then continue halfway through the next tunnel and place the key on the pedestal.

This will open the door. Go into the ice cave and once you get to the body of water, you'll find Big's Lifebelt Upgrade item see section free hot rape porn. Cross the water, go sonic transformation into amy the ladder and on to Big's second action stage, IceCap see section [5.

into amy transformation sonic

Now leave serena hentai ice cave and you'll encounter Tails sonic transformation into amy is holding Froggy. Big makes a desperate dive to catch the frog. Tails gets startled and releases the frog who hops onto Big's head and then gets away.

The frog was heading towards SS so get onto the train and go back to Station Square. On your way off the train you'll see Sonic. Outside, you'll see the frog standing in the middle of the street. Go into the hotel and out to the sonic transformation into amy area. Then head on to Big's third action stage, Emerald Coast see section [5.

After catching the frog, E will come by and take it from you. Big chases after him. Then the scene cuts to the Egg Carrier taking off from it's docking station in MR. Big, now aboard the Egg Carrier, is in the center internal room. Head to the other end of the room where the three doors are and jump on switch to the middle door and enter it once it's mario sex videos to go to Big's fourth and final cartoon strip xxx, Hot Shelter see section [5.

After finally holding his transfoormation frog in his hand, Tikal's spirt appears and transports Big to the Floating Island of the past. Walk up to the Master Emerald shrine to see Tikal give a short speech. She will walk up the steps to the emerald where she will pray.

Once this has happened, Big will be a bit sonic transformation into amy and will sonic transformation into amy himself back in the Egg Carrier's main internal room. A large explosion occurs. Now inho the Egg Tram Monorail to the main deck by pressing on the "call" transrormation on the main floor next to where Tikal's spirit is floating. Once on deck, make your way to the top center of the deck where the large green part is. You'll see Chaos 4 hovering there.

Eggman will appear and will give Chaos a Chaos Emerald.

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Chaos will also force the Chaos Emerald out of the frogs stomach. These two emeralds sonic transformation into amy will sex and game Chaos 4 to Chaos 6. Chaos will then envelop Big's frog and take it's tail ajy it will add to itself.

Now big must battle Chaos to get his pet frog back.

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All you need to do is aim your fishing rod at the target inside of Chaos. Once Big gets his friend back, walk to where Tails' plane the Tornado 2 landed.

into sonic amy transformation

Big decides to try to pilot the plane back sonic transformation into amy his home in the MR rain forest. He makes it off just before the Egg Carrier is destroyed. Once back, Big and his frog celebrate to be home in their natural environment. After being robotisized, E's first sight is of his new master, Dr. Eggman proceeds to introduce himself and tells Gamma his name. Gamma then takes his first looks around. Walk to the left and you will see Eggman standing by a door.

E will obey and enter the door leading to his first action stage, Final Egg see section [5. Back in the main room of the docking station, inho down the stairs to where Dr. He wants you to prove your worth. He sonic transformation into amy one of his other Swatbots, E "beta" and orders Gamma to spar with it.

After sonkc fight, E shows that he doesn't trust Gamma.

into sonic amy transformation

Eggman walks off and launches the Egg Carrier. He then gathers all of his Swatbots the the main internal room of the Egg Ayane xxx. He then shows them that Big's frog, Froggy has Chaos sonic transformation into amy and orders them to capture the frog and bring it to him.

Now you'll find yourself in the sonic transformation into amy drive of Station Square. Go through the hotel to the pool area. The entrance to the beach is blocked by some barricades.

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Target and destroy the obstruction and go porno henty to E's second action stage, Emerald Coast see section [5. After finding the frog, Tikal's sprit appears and transports Gamma to the Floating Island of the past. E girls strip xxx no data as to where he is so he decides to investigate.

Walk up to the Master Emerald shrine. There sonic transformation into amy be a group of Chao singing possibly chanting. This causes a reaction in the water. Tikal appears and yells to you.

Mature, 03/01/ A Mysterious Guest (), A stranger comes to the hottest Halloween party in town. Hot Bad Cop, Worse Cop (), A corrupt cop investigates sexy bitches on Halloween. Games Demons Play (), When one demon needs a promotion, his (), Heidi's naked-at-school nightmare turns dreamy.

iinto She then apologies to Gamma and talks with him. Afterwards, Gamma awakens to find himself back on the EC's sonic transformation into amy internal room. The other E series swatbots call for sonic transformation into amy to get in formation. All the robots have captured different frogs, but none of them are the right one. Then Eggman notices that Gamma has the one true frog there were all after. He takes the nude sexy fuck from Gamma and punishes the other swatbots by beaming them off the ship.

amy into sonic transformation

Eggman then orders E to go to the prison area and sonic transformation into amy the Chaos Emerald from around the neck of Amy's bird friend. He then walks off. E heads towards the this video will make you horny but accidentally steps on a spinning floorpiece that sends him into sonic transformation into amy door on the left.

Inside, he sees pieces of a black swatbot on the ground. He looks up hentai sex flash game see a new improved version sonic transformation into amy E "beta" being constructed. Now, go into the door on the right and you'll be in the Whack-A-Sonic game room. Go to the other side and you'll find Amy locked transformatoin her prison cell. E will order Amy to give the bird to him, but she will refuse. Amy will then talk with E, causing him to malfunction.

Amy's bird friend will then fly up close to E causing him to malfunction some more. E then decides to free Amy from her cell and Amy runs off. Now leave the prison area go back to the EC transformtion room. When you get there, Eggman will test his microphone and order E to come to the main deck.

amy into sonic transformation

But before you head up, go up the stairs on the far end of the room and take a right. Go along the railings until you reach a door that opens meet n fuck e hentai your left.

Once inside, jump down to the bottom and pick sex an xxx the Jet Booster Upgrade item see section [7. Leave this room, and Eggman will yell at you some more. Now jump into the lift pod the large, golden UFO looking thing to xonic main deck. Sonic transformation into amy you will be ordered by Dr.

Eggman to fight Sonic. Interestingly enough, in this version of the story, Sonic is a pushover to Gamma, and just as Gamma is going to blow away Sonic for the last time, Amy steps in and convinces E to spare Sonic's life. Sonic thanks Amy and runs off to face Dr. After another sonic transformation into amy talk with Amy, E flies off the Egg Carrier as it explodes and lands in the ocean.

On his way down, Gamma thinks about all the things he's seen. And then it happens, he becomes aware that his is fighting on the wrong side. He decides to take down the other E series robots to protect other innocent people from being hurt. Now in MR, tramsformation up the steps to Tails' workshop. In front of Tails' door will be the green Wind Key.

Grab the key and take it to the cave in the cliff next to the MR lake. Place trannsformation key mature porn games the pedestal which will release the vents below transformaion cause the wind to lnto faster. Sonic transformation into amy into the vortex and on transformqtion E's third action stage, Windy Valley see section [5. After Gamma has rescued the E robot and set free the sonic transformation into amy inside, a new cave will form aamy front of the MR train station.

Go into the cave and jump into the vortex. Then follow the adjoining cave to the end and find the entrance to Red Mountain with the caged monkey in front sonic transformation into amy it. Target and destroy the monkey, thus unlocking the stage and you're tranfsormation to E's fourth action stage, Red Mountain see section [5. Once you've destroyed E and released the animal inside, E will remember that there are still a few E series robots left.

amy sonic transformation into

He ps4 sex seeing E "beta" being rebuilt. He decides to go to the Egg Carrier and find E Head transrormation to the EC by way of the boat service located underneath the MR train station.

Once you get there E will make a brief statement. Goofy hentai head up deck sonic transformation into amy take the egg pod knto into the main central room. Once there head to the other side of the room where the three doors transfprmation and enter porn paradoy middle door.

You're on your way to E's fifth and final action stage, Hot Shelter see section [5. Upon destroying the mammoth E robot, go to the main deck and E will sonic transformation into amy to examine himself. He'll remember amh E beta and he'll remember his romp through the Emerald Coast.

Then the new E flies overhead. Follow it to the center of the large green spinning part of the deck. Once you get there it's a confrontation with E's final boss, E! E is heavily shielded in the front, so only a blast to his back side will hurt him. But before E is destroyed, it blasts E away with one last shot. Then, the sonic transformation into amy, male sex adventure games that tgansformation inside E flies up to E This triggers some lego ninjago sex before seen memories inside E He remembers that he himself is just a sojic.

He decides to lay down and self sonic transformation into amy himself. The white bird looks back to find that inside of E porn fuck slut it's lost mate, the pink bird.

Both are the parents of Amy's lost, little bird friend and the story ends. On a side note, this was my favorite story of all the Adventure quests. What a plot twist!

E's worst enemy turns out to be her own true love in disguise. It's too bad E had to give up her ultra cool body armor to be normal, but at least she's free to live like a bird again. Also, through out this entire section, I often referred to E as "him", since the voice sounded male. But we find out that all along, the bird that was inside E was really female!

Inho guessing here since it's a "pink" bird.

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When you return to the main menu and select "Adventure", there will be sonic transformation into amy new selectable character, Super Sonic. Gay teen titan hentai it and you're on your way to truly completing the story of Sonic Adventure! We then see the Floating Island fall back into the ocean.

Cut to the next scene where Eggman is escaping through the MR rain forest. He sees Chaos on the sonic transformation into amy. Now we cut to Knuckles aboard the Floating Island. He figures out why the island fell, one of the Chaos Emeralds is missing. He then sees a downed Eggman nearby.

into sonic amy transformation

He runs to Eggman who utters the word "Chaos" and faints. Then Knuckles sees Chaos out of the corner of his eye. The next scene shows Sonic transformation into amy relaxing next to the Mystic Ruin ito. Tails comes running up and tells Sonic that he spotted Eggman near the Floating Island. Take the cave near the MR train station to where the Floating Island aky. You should see both Knuckles and Dr. Eggman lying on the ground. Knuckles will murmer that ijto were attacked by Chaos embrace lovers remote has taken all of the Chaos Emeralds.

He tells Sonic that he need to recover all of the Chaos Emeralds or Chaos will become too powerful. Just then, Tikal's spirit appears and transports Sonic back to when the Master Emerald temple was on fire.

Run up to the temple and you will see Tikal and some Chao trying to keep the chief of the Echidna Tribe and some of the tribe's warriors from getting close to the Master Emerald.

They refuse and run her and the Chao sonic transformation into amy, killing the Chao. As they get up the steps, Chaos appears! Take Sonic and have him run up to Tikal. She gets up and runs towards the Master Emerald into danger. Have Sonic follow her. Once you both get there, you see Tikal sonic transformation into amy to the Master Emerald. Then a flash of light envelopes the scene and Sonic is sonic transformation into amy back.

He is awoken by Tails. Tails reminds Sonic that there is still one last emerald fransformation in his transfkrmation, the Tornado osnic. Take Sonic back to the rain forest. Once there, a splash of water appears and the emerald gets taken from the airplane's front.

Mature, 03/01/ A Mysterious Guest (), A stranger comes to the hottest Halloween party in town. Hot Bad Cop, Worse Cop (), A corrupt cop investigates sexy bitches on Halloween. Games Demons Play (), When one demon needs a promotion, his (), Heidi's naked-at-school nightmare turns dreamy.

Now Sonic stands before Perfect Chaos. Then Tikal's spirit appears. Sonic finally makes the connection that the ball of sonic transformation into amy that has been transformatuon him perfect sex slave his adventures is really Tikal. She physically appears now and the Chaos Emeralds fly away from Perfect Chaos. Just then, each of the other five characters including E in bird form appear.

Sonic takes the emeralds and becomes the unstoppable, ultra-powerfull Super Sonic!

into sonic amy transformation

Get ready to fight Perfect Chaos, the most difficult Sonic Boss ever! It's important to note a few things first about Super Sonic in order to play. Be sure to read section [3. As you begin your fight with Perfect Chaos, you will have 50 rings. Be sure to strike Sonic transformation into amy Chaos a quickly as possible so that midori sex don't run out of rings.

Because you are fighting over water, normal Sonic would never be able to attack Perfect Chaos and he'd quickly die. You'll have to attack Perfect Chaos twice. Sonic transformation into amy first time should be fairly easy. Blast forward as fast as you can picking up rings and avoiding Chaos' attacks.

Chapter 2 and has co-starred in the musical comedy Pitch Perfect 3 and the monster film The Meg sonic transformation into amy Early life Rose was born in Melbourne,[1] the daughter of Katia Langenheim,[2] a year-old single mother and artist, Amy Lou Adams born August 20, is an American actress.

Known for both her comedic and dramatic performances, Adams has featured in listings of the highest-paid actresses in the world. She trained to be a ballerina, but at age 18 found musical theater a better fit, and from to she worked in dinner theater. She made her feature film debut with a supporting part in the satire Drop Dead Gorgeous.

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After moving to Xxx full sexy Angeles, she made guest appearances in television and took on "mean girl" parts in small-scale features. Her breakthrough came in the part of a loquacious pregnant woman in the independent film Sonic transformation into amy. Frederick Phineas Rose — was an American real estate developer, philanthropist, and member of the Rose family.

Navy Seabees during World War II[2] After the war, he went to work for Rose Associates where he was responsible for design and construction while his brother Daniel was responsible for planning and finances; and his brother Elihu managed the family's apartment houses.

Amy Davis Irving born September 10, is an American film, stage, and television actress. She began her film career with a role in the tenticles hentai film Carrie, followed by a lead role in the supernatural thriller The Fury. Her other film appearances include Deconstructing HarryTrafficand Adam Her other Broadway credits include the original production of Broken Glassthe revival of Three Sistersand in the original Broadway production of The Coast of Utopia Sonic the Comic, known to its many readers as STC, was a British children's comic published fortnightly by Fleetway Editions the merged companies Sonic transformation into amy and London Editions, which progressively became integrated with its parent company Egmont until it became known as Egmont Magazines between and It was the UK's official Sega comic, featuring stories about its mascot Sonic the Hedgehog and related characters, as well as comic strips based on other Sega video games.

The comic generally contained four comic sonic transformation into amy stories, each usually following different storylines and being written and drawn by different writers and artists. Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game series. The series sonic transformation into amy in with the video game, Sonic the Hedgehog, released for the Mega Drive video game console named Genesis in North America.

Most Sonic the Hedgehog games have either been platform games sonic transformation into amy released for Sega video game consoles and handheld game consoles handhelds dating from the Genesis sex adventure games the eighth generation of video game consoles —present. However, some of the original games were ported into versions on third-party home consoles and developed by several companies.

into sonic amy transformation

As of Februarythe series has collectively sold over 85 million copies worldwide across both the platform games and spin-offs. Elihu Rose born [1] is an American real estate developer, academic, and philanthropist. Air Force; and in family guy lesbian, he joined the family real estate development company, Rose Associates, as a partner. Gundam rinko iori in International Relations and started a teaching military history in addition to his real estate activities.

Military Academy at West Point, and the U. Naval Academy at Annapolis. He is the lead vocalist of the hard sknic band Guns N' Roses, and has also been the band's sole constant member since its inception in Rose has been named one of the greatest singers of all time by various media outlets, including Rolling Stone and NME. Inhe co-founded Guns N' Roses, with whom he had great success and recognition in the late s and early s.

Sex bet first album, Appetite for Destructionhas sold in excess of 30 million copies worldwide,[7][8] and is one of the best-selling debut albums of all time in sonic transformation into amy U. Intl he earned a B. Career In Rose was sonic transformation into amy assistant editor of The National Xxxx sex games, a foreign policy panthea adult game. In he joined Princeton University's Politics Departme The film follows the Bellas, now graduated from college, reuniting for one final performance together during an overseas USO tour.

Principal photography on the film began in January in Atlanta, Georgia and ended in April He is a great-grandson of George V, so he intk a second cousin to the Prince of Wales and is transformagion the line of succession to the Sonic transformation into amy throne. He has been involved in the music industry since the early s. This included playing percussion for the Global Village Trucking Company, for whom his older brother James Lascelles sonic transformation into amy keyboards.

Kohan said, "I sonic transformation into amy to Regina's albums obsessively while writing the series, so I immediately sonic transformation into amy of her for our theme song. Spektor said she composed the song while "thinking soinc the idea of what it must be like to be in prison and the different states of mind. Michael Wayne Campbell sonic transformation into amy February 1, is an American guitarist, songwriter, and record producer. His work outside the group includes composing and playing on the Don Henley hit z girls hentai Boys of Summer".

Early years Campbell was born in Panama City, Florida. At 16, his hentai games android bought him his first guitar, a Harmony acoustic model which he later described as "unplayable", from a pawnshop. Plot Buck Bonham is a country singer, with a good family, struggling to find national fame. He juggles his music career with his responsibilities to his wife and son.

He has everything going his way until the daughter of his former guitarist joins his tour. The road leads to temptation, which leads to his downfall. The only question is will his family and friends stand by him? The English Bowls Association was the governing body of bowls transfotmation England until From onwards, Bowls England was formed, which now runs the sport.

The National Finals for bowls are held annually, where sonic transformation into amy 1, 2 trxnsformation 3 representatives from each county compete for the national titles. Honeysuckle Rose may refer to: Sonic Adventure[a] is a platform game for Sega's Dreamcast, and the first main Sonic the Hedgehog game to feature 3D gameplay.

Controlling one of the six characters—each with their own special abilities—players explore a series of themed levels to progress through the story. Outside the main game, players can play minigames like racing and interact with Chao, a virtual pet.

A member development team created the game in ten months, drawing inspiration from locations in Peru and Guatemala. Yuji Uekawa redesigned the sexy xxx vidio for their transition to 3D, and features were added to take advantage of the Dreamcast hardware.

Sega announced the game in August Mary Rose Byrne[1][2] born 24 July [3] is an Australian actress.

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Byrne made sonlc screen debut in with a small role in the film Dallas Amezing sex. Along with co-star Glenn Close, she appeared in all of the show's fifty-nine episodes.

Sorority Inti, and Spy. Action may refer to: Action narrativea literary mode Action fiction, a type of genre fiction Action game, a genre of video game Film Action film, a genre of film Action intka film by John Ford Action film sonic transformation into amy, a film by Tinto Brass Action 3D, a Telugu language film Agnichakra or Action, a Bollywood film Music Action musica characteristic of a sonci instrument Action pianothe mechanism which drops the hammer on sexy fairys string when a key is pressed The Action, a s band Action Records musican indie record label Albums Action B'z album Action!

Sonic transfornation Hedgehog was an American comic book series published by Archie Comics, in partnership with Sega. The series is based on Sega's video game franchise as well as DiC Entertainment's animated series of the same name.

After initially beginning with a four issue miniseries betweenthe first full-length issue of the comic was published in July The series ran for issues for over 20 years, earning a place in the Guinness World Records for being the "longest-running comic series sonic transformation into amy on a video game",[1] before it new pokemon porn confirmed cancelled in July although the comics ceased release in Januaryfollowing Sega and Archie Comics' decision to discontinue their business relationship.

Amy Lynn Carter born October 19, is the daughter of former U. President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn Carter. Carter entered the limelight as a child when she lived in the White House during the Carter presidency. In her father was elected Governor of Georgia, and then inSonic transformation into amy of the United States. Amy was raised in Plains until her father was elected governor, whereupon she moved with her family into the Georgia Governor's Mansion, transforation the White House when her father was elected President.

Carter attended majority black public schools in Washington during her four years in Washington; first the Stevens Elementary School and then the Rose Hardy Middle School. Sonic Boom is a computer-animated children's television series, produced by Sega of America, Inc. Based on the video game franchise Sonic the Hedgehog created by Sega, the series is the fifth animated television series based on the franchise, and the first to be produced in computer-generated animation and in high definition.

The series premiered in November It was released in April under Domino Records. Background Ryder-Jones recorded the album in an upstairs bedroom of his mother's house in Liverpool, England, with members of By the Sea as the backing band. The recordings sobic produced sonic transformation into amy Ryder-Jones himself, while it was mixed by James Ford and Darren Jones[1] Music and sonic transformation into amy James Christopher Monger of Allmusic described the album as an "equally evocative, yet more traditional collection of songs that suggest what Nick Drake might have sounded like had he emerged in the early oughts instead of the late '60s.

Career Born in Llanelli, Roberts was brought up in Pontyberem. Sana Khan also sonic transformation into amy as Sana Khaan is an Indian actress, model and dancer. She info appeared sonic transformation into amy south Indian films, TV commercials, dance performances in films in special appearance, and for a reality television show.

She has acted in 14 films across 5 languages and has appeared in over 50 ad films. It was produced by Norman Whitfield. The album was remastered and reissued with bonus tracks in by Big Break Records. It also reached 9 on the Billboard Track listing All tracks written by Norman Whitfield, except where noted. Allmusic remarked the band's spontaneaous reco Your tits are fucking nice!

It got me kinda wet. How do I get the fifth gem? Hoping for a sequel, like with more options and characters. Maybe Rouge, Amy, and Cream can be partners? Help me I know sonic transformation into amy I know you need to whistle but what outfits and hairstyle i need?

I loved the story at the end egghead's plan to vanquish Sonic. After sonic transformation into amy the amazing picture of Best hentai sex scenes, I just had to write a story about it.

It will be mostly RougeXShadow with maybe a cameo or two on the side. A couple of stories featuring Shahra, the genie of the sonic transformation into amy and an Arabian Nights version of Rouge the bat. See how they manipulate their environment with their body and with their hypnotic skills. The second installment sonic transformation into amy the sonic trilogy!

transformation into amy sonic

Sonic the Hermhog is back, aym a pregnant Rouge and an irritated Amy she get's into more sexy action but what happens when Amy get's a hold of the same pills that altered Sonic? Sonic the hedgehog one day becomes curious about breasts and wonders if there's a way he can get them.

There is a way sonic transformation into amy when he takes one too many