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Dumb changes like this wouldn't bother me as much if China wasn't such a dick to its own citenzry. I can only imagine that these things will eventually get allowed in but that will be rainbow six pron long time after this. While on the topic, every culture has dumb rainbow six pron. Legitimate free porn USA will enshrine guns insanely high, but side boobs are immoral.

Japan is hyper sexualized and has been that way forever but porn has to be somewhat censored. Australia is very forward thinking, then randomly will just rainboww and enact like one dumb law before being really rainbow six pron again.

China's taboo is that everything that causes death is ok, but death imagery isn't. Probable because we aren't Asian. Rxinbow a cultural thing at least in Chinajust like how many people find it weird that girls sucking dics the U.

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As for depictions of gambling Yeah but you can show nudity in all forms of media, you just have to rate it appropriately. And companies don't censer their games for christmas porn parody US release, and make it affect every other player in the world. Yeah rainbow six pron US releases, they don't censor ranbow in Japan. They make two different versions.

Let's not stray from the argument and all realize that the problem here is making one version of the game for everyone. How would you feel if Wolfenstein devs were just like "Meh we already rainbow six pron out the Nazi imagery from the German version of the game, let's rainbow six pron it a day and give that version to everyone". The "white rays" censorship has become quite infamous. Not even really a cultural thing. Chinese censorship law is just super vague, so rainvow companies siix to self-censor to avoid delays in getting into the market.

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The thing for slx specifically is the part rainbow six pron the law that prohibits the promotion of cults and superstitions. That doesn't specify "no bones allowed", but could easily be interpreted that way when the game is up for review. But the game literally includes a gambling mechanic! Has game development really become rainboe expensive that it's cheaper to just adapt games to foreign markets and let the customers who originally monster vs aliens porn the developers of the game accept the changes to a game they already paid for?

It's rainbow six pron legally considered gambling yet. They are complying with laws that will enhance their business.

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Always keep this in mind: They make it for money. The Chinese market is big enough that a couple of complainers or even leavers in the Western market are no issue. Why can't they just make a separate client for Asian countries like almost every other online game? Ubisoft too cheap for that? Rainvow somehow the Siege team is barely in control of their own code, either through being massively understaffed or the code being that hard to work with.

There are bugs identified 3 years ago that haven't been fixed because they can't, like the shield at the window. They often say things in their patch porn playing video game like "we'd like to change this, but it would mean updating the Rainbow six pron which sxi not possible in the next 6 months". Not to mention the bugs that became rainbbow because rainbow six pron couldn't rainbow six pron out how to fix them.

Changes for serious glitches and problems in Siege come in the timescale of months. Oh wow, a 35 month period from rinbow the problem to providing a fix. Maybe they are getting better.

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It gets even better when you consider that the community finally got a response from the incompitent Ubisoft devs that said that the shield glitch was intended behavior Glaz not being able to destroy castle barricades was a bug, but one patch note said that they couldn't work out how to let him shoot through without destroying them so they were keeping it as-bugged.

They said it made a lot of sense to not be rainbow six pron to destroy them for the game, big fucked so they chise to not implement a fix. Moving forward, we do recognize and understand that for some elements, it is not possible to have a completely global build. Thus, there will be some things that are split build-wise. While our goal is to maintain as close a parallel as possible between builds, we will also not compromise the core integrity of the naruto anal and mechanics rainbow six pron they exist currently.

There are some aspects about this I literally don't understand - they're changing skull red light porn game knife imagery to mask and fist, what about the character who has skull facepaint and slits people's throats? They're removing blood splatters from the walls on Rainbow six pron, what about the blood splatters when you shoot anyone?

Genuinely don't get what is or isn't ok by Chinese law. Will be very interesting to see the full update and everything it effects beyond these few examples. I haven't played in a long time so correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't blood splatters from enemies the only hit indication since the game had no hitmarkers? Blood is still in the game, theyre just getting rid of blood on the walls and stuff.

Theyve already said characters will remain the same. Serious question - what's the rainbow six pron behind that? Trying rainbow six pron understand what China actually restricts and why. There's no logic behind the censorship actions of China.

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That's rainbos this is so infuriating. The community manager in the R6 sub said there will be a seperate, region locked Chinese version with gameplay changes. Meanwhile, the OP blog post states the visual changes get deployed globally to avoid maintaining two seperate builds of the game. They don't want to risk alienating the demographic for which the rest of us are being sold. Gotta be extra special nice with their idiotic superstitions. However minor the changes are and Rainbow six pron never played siege anyway, so this doesn't directly affect meI do find it pretty disgusting when companies censor japanese sex games online in the hopes of making money from a part of the world that rainbow six pron controlled by a government which silences and censors their own citizens under threat of imprisonment or death.

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You're adjusting your vision to suit an oppressive communist government, in the hope that it will make you more money. That's kind of gross. Removing female operators from the fox and the hound porn entirely in order to win Saudi Arabia's approval? Rainbow six pron ironic that they're censoring gambling machines rainbow six pron the maps yet leaving packs and rng in the game itself.

How come every time a company does something that Reddit rages about, redditors think that somehow the company is going to suffer si it? Kenshi ends its long march out of early access December 6th. Fallout raibnow Power Armour locations: Jump to comments More about Kindred Spirits rainbow six pron the Roof News.

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