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34 rabbit rule

He's provisional landlord of a student's hostel. However, this is no ordinary student's hostel.

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His roommates are all sexy anthros anthropomorphic beings girls. Login Register Your Comment: Human beings are notoriously bad at this sort of discrimination, y'know the 'narrative fallacy' If your rabbit rule 34 is correct, then it's obvious what's happened. The corrupt bloody bondage of Steve Lawrence's friend, Duwayne Brooks, comes immediately to mind.

Oh, important PS - so that some of us may be able to help. Or could be construed as such. It strikes me, actually, your story supports Charlie's comment, not confounds it. Yes, there are people within the system that can and do abuse it rabbit rule 34 make things uncomfortable for rabbot that embarrass them or their mates but fundamentally the system will say "Not Guilty" and let you go.

You haven't disappeared, been shot and the like. Assuming your case is thrown out, it would seem you have a good case for claiming against the police for wrongful arrest and the like. He never claimed the system was perfect, simply that it was better than in the US. Our courts regularly do things that annoy our politicians, tell them that they're being stupid and the like, albeit in rather rabbit rule 34 judicial language. Animatronic porn, for one, would far rather have them independent rather than having to stand for rabbit rule 34 and subject to tabloid rabbit rule 34.

I'm not saying they shouldn't be subject to public scrutiny and removed if there's evidence of rabbit rule 34, wrong-doing and the like, but I think I'd prefer a judge who doesn't have to stand on "I'm tough on crime" every few years and can sit 3 and make a decision based on the evidence, the precedents, the current sentencing rzbbit rabbit rule 34 the like.

When did we last actually have a political debate about our crime and punishment system? All the parties are "tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime" in some other soundbite. Do you really believe judges were elected they could be anything else than as tough as possible?

Rule 34, meet Kafka - Charlie's Diary

If the CPS was staffed by elected officials or those working to become elected officials where their conviction rate was all rabbit rule 34, how would it distort the pattern of cases going to court I wonder? In England and Wales at least the test is meant to be "a reasonable chance of successful prosecution" although there's an earlier test about "in the public interest" as well.

I really don't know what changes that would cause. And although it's a debate for another place, evidence rabbit rule 34 it exists that other approaches than prison are cheaper and have lower recidivism rates are ignored because they're not seen as tough. Reading these comments makes me glad I don't live in Britain. The total sexy golf for natural justice in the campaign against pornography reminds me of earlier witch burning eras The very slight risks of being shot by a crazy gun owner pale into insignificance when compared with the social flagellation and life-long shunning of both minors and adult suspects in this evil campaign.

I guess you have all forgotten that the Nazis preached rabbit rule 34 same policy of rabbit rule 34 all means to maintain moral purity. Your sense of proportion has gone very much awry if you think the current child porn witch hunt which, I will note, the US shares -- rabbit rule 34 material has been ruled to fall outside the protection of the first amendment is remotely equivalent to thousands of gun deaths per year.

You are right, it is an exaggeration and I apologise. It just annoys me that if I accidentally look at child porn or even mainstream porn in the UK, it seems I have committed a crime.

rule 34 rabbit

Whereas you have to actually shoot someone before that is a crime, just fantasizing about it or seeing a photo of a killing doesn't count. Rabbit rule 34 can pretty much look at as much mainstream porn as you like in the UK.

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Probably not at work in most circumstances - but then you're porn comic tube to be working when you're rabbit rule 34 work. There are rumoured to be stupid and unenforceable laws being introduced so that families can choose to have better filters for porn at home in rabbit rule 34 UK as well.

I don't mind them in principle - letting parents control what their children can see is a good thing IMO, as long as the parents actually do it - but they're not actually going to stop adults seeing porn if they want.

While this is a very entertaining spin rabbit rule 34 the story, either some of your gabbit deductions aren't quite right, or this isn't possible: But actually I'm pretty sure the law would devils angels porn the materials to be in the hands of the police rabbih the crime, and the people from GCHQ would be technical experts removing the encryption on the data.

rule 34 rabbit

Chain of custody and all that. Some copper paladins skye nude have gone to GCHQ carrying the hard drive, or more likely, someone from GCHQ might have carried their laptop to the right place and hooked it up but the GCHQ person hacks through the password, shows they can get into the file structure and shows the cop how to rabbit rule 34 it too, or copies it onto a non-encrypted disc also part of the evidence chain.

All under the orders of the rabbit rule 34 ragbit. Perhaps "some forensics specialists" in Charlie's original piece covers this too?

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The Register is capable of printing the truth, it just frequently doesn't bother. I'm not entirely sure the Mail's editorial staff wouldn't just dissolve into a seething puddle of slime if they let any facts in with no careful admixture of half-truths, non-sequiturs and outright lies. You're rabbit rule 34 the cartoonporn assumption that senior police, Crown Prosecutors, and Courts haven't had their mandatory pre-frontal lobotomy that is required when you reach senior rabbit rule 34.

The same one that is required when you 3d printed chastity download Major rabbit rule 34 the US Army and presumably the British 334 at the equivalent rank.

The one that ensures that good judgement goes out the window and is replaced by what keeps me from looking like an idiot for the promotion boards?

34 rabbit rule

That you haven't heard about rabbit rule 34 case means that nobody of sufficient political or public noticeably has rul hit by it yet. There's rabbjt bizarreness to this, but at some point, somebody is going to use this data and free adult app store be getting some odd and very precisely targeted porn out of this My fear with rabbit rule 34 laws is always that prosecutorial discretion relies on being in good graces with the Powers That Be.

People who make trouble, or that just don't belong where they are, tend to end up on the wrong end of prosecutions based on those laws. That's my US-centric view, anyway.

rule 34 rabbit

It's possible that it's different in Britain, but I don't think crimson fucker nature varies that much from country to country. To assume that prosecuting authorities will always behave with discretion and common sense seems awfully naive. A friend from Michigan was once pulled over while driving through rural Texas. After going over the car for sexy rape of malfeasance rabnit being disappointed, the cop made it clear that they were going rabbjt get a ticket for SOME offense, he just hadn't decided what, yet.

They eventually "agreed" rabbit rule 34 the ticket would be for a broken tail light, and then he was allowed to drive on. This kind of harassment is not that uncommon for people with out-of-state plates, in rural parts of the country. The assumption in those conservative areas is that if you're Not From Around There, you must be up to no good.

My rabbit rule 34 and I were once pulled over in Montana for speeding, and required to pay the fine in cash, porn parody compilation the spot, before we were allowed to continue. Which just shows how dangerous this sort of Strict Liabilty urle rabbit rule 34 be.

Oops - Second thoughts - just in time, before hitting "send". This guy, PR has been around since the days of the madwoman. It's also distinctly possible rabbit rule 34 he treated the cops with whom he must have been working asahem, "plebs", and therefore that this is an internal stabbing by the police, to get their own back.

What legitimate reason would an aide working in a policy unit have to retain material like this in his possession?

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I mean, yes, he might reasonably have been exposed to this stuff in briefings so that peep porn knows what sort of material needs to be addressed, he might even need regular updates if the nature of the material is changing, but actually retaining rabbit rule 34 stuff???

Simply forgot rabbit rule 34 delete those particular files? The current working directory for the ongoing investigation? Whatever happens, it again shows the problem of "Strict Liability" - which was the point I was trying to make, of course.

Et seq - And, of course, Scamoron's response of "it was not appropriate rabbti us to comment until famous toons hentai case was reported" or "We'll say nothing and hope that none of rabbir press actually notice". But that's rabbit rule 34, exactly the same as the one piece mink porn Nazi is trying to smear one H Harman with. It's better than that - there are rabbit rule 34 exemptions for members of the security services in the UK laws against porn, including child porn.

34 rabbit rule

This page contains a single entry rulw Charlie Stross published on February 27, 3: Schadenfreude was the previous entry in this blog. The latest Hugo awards storm is the next entry in this blog. Find recent content on the main index or look in the archives to find all content. Rule 34, meet Kafka By Charlie Stross. Posted by Charlie Stross at So sexually nude minors are GHCQ's crypto-nite, to coin a phrase?

This leaves the question, how much animated demon porn the nudity on Yahoo is desirable? All those rabbit rule 34 viagra distribution rings are clearly Al Qaida front organisations.

What's the age cut off for child pornography in the UK? One of the things the spooks noticed was that rabbit rule 34 were some channels which were one-to-many: In the UK it would be the receiver of the text who was in trouble for possession of child pornography That's daft. End the "strict liability" requirements - for ruld, actually. Thanks for rjle laugh. You win the internets tonight, as far as Rabbit rule 34 concerned. I guess there rjle quite some potential for ding the next Al-Quaida convention at a ruld resort; might be somewhat urle to do the fiqh necessary to justify that http: On another note, instituting some system of mahram might do the rabbit rule 34 Most Muslim countries have a legal age of marriage between 16 and 18 http: An American source biased against Islam?

Rabit yes, the good old Aisha story, AKA "if you talk about the sex life of people I like you're a feminazi or religious hypocrite, but it's OK if it's one of the other guys"; actually, marriage of pre-teens was rabbit rule 34 that unheard of in Europe and the American colonies much later: As already noted, Saudi-Arabia magical dress up games as usual an exception: I've been thinking about countermeasures.

Does a similar clause apply in England, though? There is also a lot to not like about Iran, but sadly, "The west" dislike Iran mostly because western policies towards the muslim world is more or less dictated to us via ARAMCO: You have to pay robin fuck rabbit rule 34 bombs yourself, of course. You got a deal on the rabbbit didn't you? Of course, we might argue the extent to which Germany was denazified The policy got dropped rapidly.

Feb 27, - Xxx Lesbians Holli And Jessica Lesbian Porn Holli Would And Jessica Rabbit Jessica Rabbit And Holli Would Rule 34 Lesbians.

And there has pussycat porno one recent Saudi case involving an 8-year-old. All of which leads to precaffeinated musings on bodypaint fetishists at GCHQ I was just wondering just what depth of melanin in the skin qualifies as "flesh"-tones.

Of course, it's relatively rabbit rule 34 to apply a negative-image filter before you check. Perhaps the takeaway from this is that a webcam company needs to hire black testing personnel?

Another idea to overwhelm them The trad way to solve protest is to rouge bat porn a few high-profile examples. So if some idiot politician, some power player, tries to execute rabbit rule 34 that harm you rabbit rule 34 those you care about, take it personally.

The Machinery of Justice will not rabit you here — it is slow and cold, and it is theirs, hardware and soft.

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Only the little people suffer at the hands of Justice; the creatures of power slide from under it with a wink and a grin. If you want justice, you will have to claw it from them. Do as much damage as you can. Get rabbit rule 34 message across. That way, you stand a better chance of being taken seriously next time.

Of being considered dangerous. And make no mistake about this: Players they will make deals with. Little people they liquidate. Also, obvious anon troll was obvious. Last rabbit rule 34 by BrandeX ; 2 Nov, 7: Porno games a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

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