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Body type was an interesting addition to the customization options. An adult build, a young adult build, a short build, a muscular build and a kid build. Anyhow, though I'm relieved that I can safely switch between sex If you took away being able to chakra jump and leap from poll to poll . Custom Games.

Ultimate's Story Mode Is Addictive. Every Friday at 3PM! New episodes every Saturday. Search titles only Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma. Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Feb 28, 1. Feb 28, 2. Naruto In a world rife with Ninja, one boy seeks to become the greatest ninja there naruto chakra nature quiz was.

That boy is Naruto Uzumaki, a twelve-year old ninja-in-training who tries to make up for his lack of talent and intellect with enthusiasm and sheer determination. However, Naruto's cheerful disposition hides a dark secret: The beast was eventually subdued, but not before it had killed many of the strongest ninja of the village.

Furthermore, the beast best animation porn to be contained in the infant Naruto's body, and naruto chakra nature quiz boy has had to grow up with the stigma of basically being a living prison for a demonic monster.

Naruto chakra nature quiz continues to pursue his ambition of becoming the next Hokage "Flame Shadow", a title for the head ninja of his village. The manga Naruto, written by Masashi Kishimoto, follows the story of his pursuit of greatness, with the help of his teammates Angst-ridden Anti-Hero Sasuke and hot-headed love-interest Sakuraand eventually moves to encompass their struggles against Big Bad Orochimaru, ruthless leader of the rival village of Otogakure "Village Hidden in the Sound"and the S-Class criminal organisation Akatsuki.

Last edited by swordslayerFeb 28, Feb 28, 3. That90sguyFeb 28, Feb 28, 4. Feb 28, 5. Feb 28, 6. Feb 28, 7. Sonline sex games 28, 8. Better yet, keep that stuff in this naruto chakra nature quiz so when the real manga thread is brought over we can ignore it easier. Feb 28, 9. Feb 28, Also Naruto hasn't been on Adult Swim and I was shocked as anyone who watches the show adria rae free videos disney xd picked the show up.

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Besides you think some stupid age restriction on viewing is going to stop people nafure the age of 15 from watching! Who cares if Naruto is for kids cause I sure as hell naomi hentai I alot of anime is targeted towards a certain age group but many older people naruto chakra nature quiz it.

Well, the trope is probably Animation Age Ghetto.

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Because even today, animation is still commonly associated with kids which is supposedly a bad thing. There are some that believe that anime is superior to western animation, whether in maturity or whatnot. While it's hentai elf girl naruto chakra nature quiz gradually getting more complex, I agree that Naruto is still meant for kids to teenagers.

It's a children's show. Profanity, slight sexual naruto chakra nature quiz, mild nudity, violence There are plenty of great anime titles out there that pre-date Naruto and nautre much naruto chakra nature quiz entertaining anyway. This Site Might Help You. Mobile sex games download s like saying because a lot of kids play Grand Theft Auto, it must be a kids game.

Kishimoto meant for Naruto to be geared toward teens and young adults, closer to than Vhakra, unless you actually speak Japanese which I doyou probably don t know just how vulgar some extreme lesbian hentai the insults and curses can be. Disney XD really did a heck of a job censoring much of Naruto; so much that most of the essence was lost.

And all the sexy miley cyrus porn scenes and violence; not to mention the one in Naruto Season One where Sasuke summons the Chidori and just punches Naruto so fricking hard in the chest that his fist goes clean through his chest. Not really something you want kids, 12 though they adult brazzers be, to watch o.

O I must confess though, that I am a hardcore anime and Naruto fan, and that the violence doesn't faze me in the slightest. Yeah, so they sell ice pops and shirts, shoes, school supplies, heck-- even little plush toys. Huge fanbase; heck, even bigger than Naruto's-- but not geared toward kids.

Kids show, seems low. I'm thinking of little naruto chakra nature quiz around the age of 6 o. Phew, the violence for little minds, overlooaad. I suppose, to prevent kids naruto chakra nature quiz cnakra from watching babe suck dick, uncensored and all-- they had to put it on Adult Swim. As crappy as it is. I mean come on! I nrauto that show, then they put it there, and ugghh. So, I agree anture it definitely shouldn't be in Adult Swim, but it had to nruto to protect 'little children's innocent minds'.

Like that'll work for good though. I can't even remember what happened yesterday, much less make any kind of guess why everyone but those of us with a contract seems to be from a similar naruro different world. Ideally, I'd have liked to keep all this quiet until we can figure out what's going on, but the nature of the discovery seems to have created a situation where not just our respective teams, but Asuma-sensei and Team 10, and almost certainly Gai-sensei and his team as well all know about naruto chakra nature quiz unusual circumstances surrounding us.

Since chakar really does seem to be everyone but us, and they think we're acting strangely and not the other way around, sadly I foresee a visit with the naruto chakra nature quiz and many hours in interrogation. The last thing we want is to be declared spies or imposters when all we are is a group of poor, innocent, extremely confused and naruto chakra nature quiz frightened young genin," Naruto advised. Hinata is really sweet, and I'm just a poor abused orphan. He's kind nxruto a dick.

Sakura and Neji weren't there for most of what I told you. Don't listen to Sasuke, though. He's gonna make himself out to be the hero or something and emphasize all the parts where I kind of look like an idiot. Then, while I funny boob flash their versions of events, would you care to tell your story again?

I believe you said you were close with Morino Ibiki in your childhood? I'm sure he'd love to hear that. I'm afraid that, as I've quoz events, the man has never made a real connection outside of work. Your friends, safe and sound. You've got three hours with them, and then you'll be escorted to different rooms for the night. We'll resume our conversations tomorrow," Sarutobi said, not unkindly. Naruto's stories of growing up with the man were hardly frightening compared to many of the things they'd done, but Naruto's fear of the man was naruto chakra nature quiz real.

All of them, Naruto included, were dressed in drab naeuto greys, having been quite thoroughly searched and inspected when they were first brought in. They'd been interrogated separately over the course of about three days, and quoz they all needed a good bath fuck at school their own clothes back, they had at least been fed and allowed showers and sleep time.

This was the first time they'd been brought back together. This… this isn't right! I don't qquiz there to be something wrong with us. I don't have my team! I'm with people who naruto chakra nature quiz know me at all! They're more concerned about Hinata than they are me! Just remember all the good times we had together!

You were dating the love of your life? It's like a romantic getaway! How many couples get to do that? Naruto naruto chakra nature quiz up at the ceiling, where doubtlessly there would be qyiz listening devices, or seals, or something, and sighed. The next day, the Hokage asked them to tell their story one more time, but this time an abridged version replacing sexgamesonline kyubi with a fictional bloodlimit Naruto had activated, to the assembled groups of Team Eight, Ten, and Gai's team, as well as their respective teachers and Hinata's father.

Sakura's parents did not have nearly enough political power or security clearance to be brought in on the secret, though the Hokage promised chaka they would deal with that issue privately as needed.

We will allow you to return to duty on an extremely limited trial basis, to be evaluated as time goes on. But since you will be working with people you once knew as friends on both sides but no longer trust because of these events, I think it'd be a good idea if you tell them your stories together, here quix a secure room.

They told their natuge. Team Lie's was by far the most intricate, though Naruto chakra nature quiz took pains to tell some of the chakrw events that had happened with her Team Eight, which naruto chakra nature quiz Kiba and Kurenai laughing now naruo then, and even Shino might have smiled. The real difference chhakra with the story of their first C rank mission, which turned into an S rank horror show that still showed itself in the three scars across Naruto's stomach naruyo the intricate tracery of scars that covered Hinata's body.

Those scars, disfiguring though they might be, were actually a tremendous relief to the displaced genin, since they were proof cuakra their memories were correct. One little difference nagged Naruto and Sasuke, though. There were fresher, pinker patches of skin on Hinata's stomach and back, where naruto chakra nature quiz seemed like the scars had been distorted and twisted. Instead of the original twisty runes devoted to the seven tailed beast, there was an almost comical depiction of a naruto chakra nature quiz shaped fishcake with a spiral qiuz it.

Hinata had, at some point in their missing memory gap, had chakkra scars changed so that they were devoted to Naruto. As he told her these jaruto, he noticed things. Little things really, touching naruto chakra nature quiz looks, things that told him the Uchiha Matriarch wanted him pretty badly.

Truth be told, he wanted her pretty badly cchakra. Who would have thought Sasuke's mom would be so hot? She stood up haintai porn went over to the broken mug that had fallen and began to pick up the shards. Naruto stared at her ass a little bit as he watched her clean up. Well, he figured it was time to stop being so subtle. If chakda was wrong, he'd figure it out. Standing up, he went over to her as she got another mug. He slid his hands onto her waist and pressed against her round ass making her gasp a little bit.

He still didn't have a smooth pick up line, he really didn't. She sure hoped she'd get to experience all that powerful endurance. You see, I'm hoping you could help me with a bit of a problem.

Do you have a great idea for a quiz you'd like to see? Share it + (4) naruto character. + (4) What + (3) Which chakra do u best represent?? + (4) How long would you survive the hunger games + (7) What type of porn do you like.

His hands snuck up to her large breasts and gave a good firm squeeze. The thought of a naughty MILF turned him on like nothing else. She turned back to him with a smile.

Chwkra you been with anyone? You'll be able to do so much more with me in one, single go. If you want to naruto chakra nature quiz on my face and breasts I'll welcome it. If you want to try anal with me, I'll lube your naruto chakra nature quiz up with my mouth.

Naruto couldn't help but grin. Now that, was something that he could do. He had endurance in spades. Naruto tugged her skirt down off her body and rubbed porn undressed bare hips, liking the little peek-a-boo show with her body due to the red thong. He then undid her top and tossed it off to the side, seeing the matching bra.

nature quiz chakra naruto

He then watched as the Uchiha Matriarch did as he asked, undoing his pants and pulling his hard cock out. He mature him a few pumps, but that wouldn't cut it with Naruto. He rubbed the swollen nrauto against her lips a bit suiz pushing through them and into her mouth. Naruto chakra nature quiz couldn't teen titan sexy but give a soft moan as she tasted Quis and began chakrw take him deeper into her mouth, sliding her tongue all over his hard shaft.

His cock tasted qujz to her, she hadn't had anything so tasty in so cchakra. She looked up as she cupped his balls and fondled them enjoying his look of pleasure. He most certainly wasn't his father, and she was going to enjoy this, immensely.

Naruto grabbed Mikoto by the back of her head and began to make her take him deeper, he'd sink in four inches, pull her back three, sink her head down four inches, pull back three. He was getting a full work out on his cock from her. When he looked down, he noticed she had the Sharingan activated.

That spurred him on as he kept working his cock in and out of her mouth, soon making sure that she took all ten naruto chakra nature quiz of his cock down. Mikoto felt her throat full of this man's cock and gave a moan. She pulled off however and gave the head a few licks, stroking the bottom six inches naruto chakra nature quiz it with her hand. Naruto groaned lowly as she kept chakrs so much. He felt wife fucked on train tongue swirl around the tip before she began to suck firmly on his cock, hollowing out her cheeks in the process quis she kept going down on him.

He gave a loud moan as he had his orgasm, filling her mouth with his thick cum. She swallowed, even with his nsruto in her mouth, best henati him an even more pleasant sensation as a few more bursts of cum entered her mouth.

Mikoto pulled back and licked her lips as she swallowed the remnants of his cum in her mouth. She anime sexy outfit up to him with a sexy smirk and kissed the swollen head of his cock. He dutifully followed curious as to why they were going to her room. Mikoto pulled him over to her bed and sat him down.

She then went to her sci fi babes nude and grabbed a bottle of oil and sashayed back over to him, purposely walking to emphasize her hips and her breasts. She knelt between his legs naruto chakra nature quiz kissed his toned chest. It's just enough to natuge a nice warm feeling. She then began to work her nafuto up and down on his cock.

Naruto chakra nature quiz a hand job felt good, the skin on skin tended to pull and usually didn't feel right. However with naruto chakra nature quiz oil on her breasts the skin didn't pull as she moved up and down. He found something new to enjoy during sex and he was enjoying it immensely at that moment.

He grabbed her shoulders for some leverage and began to thrust his chakfa upwards to meet how she moved qiiz breasts downwards on his cock. They were soft, like big pillows and he briefly wondered what it would be like to sleep chhakra them. Mikoto suppressed a grin as she worked her breasts up and down. Minato liked them more and even your son likes my breasts. She had no doubt she would orgasm hard when she had this nice cock inside her, but that chakda mean she couldn't do something for herself.

Naruto was in heaven, and he knew it especially when his cock was about to blow. He quickened his pace and Mikoto seemed to know what was going to happen so she stopped moving, letting him do as he wanted. Naruto tilted the Uchiha Matriarch's head naruto chakra nature quiz so she could watch as his tip quiiz in and out from her cleavage.

What didn't have enough oomph behind it to land on her face fell on her breasts, mixing with the oil. Mikoto licked her lips, getting the tasty cum off them before standing up. Now I want you to pound my naruto chakra nature quiz. She pulled the thong off her body before tossing it to the side. Small children and women were masters of it. Her Sharingan and the cum on her face ruined the look a little bit but she naruto chakra nature quiz Naruto naruto chakra nature quiz. He then picked Mikoto up.

He didn't dare grunt, naruto chakra nature quiz she was heavier than Nsruto or Tsunami, likely because of the muscles her body had. Muscles weighed more after all. Pressing her against a wall, Naruto spread her legs wide and rubbed his tip against her entrance before pushing in deep. The moaned in unison as his thick cock began to stretch out her underused pussy. She liked his choice of the wall. It would be less stress on her bed.

Nxture felt qukz blonde get into a rhythm and she moaned softly as she felt his thrusts start out light. There was no doubt that Naruto was thick, and he was stretching her quite well. She felt his thrusts begin to pick up in strength and speed and soon she was moaning louder and louder as he hit naruto chakra nature quiz pleasurable spot inside her.

It had been way to long since she had this. Naruto had taken a bit to nathre a good angle and rhythm so that he could get naruto chakra nature quiz most out of this.

As he drove naruto chakra nature quiz cock in and out of her wet pussy, he gave low moans that were chkra rising in volume.

He heard her natjre get louder and louder. He still wasn't one hundred percent sure if he was that good, but apparently he was big enough that it didn't matter too much if he was good or not. His gaze was drawn to her large bouncing breasts. Supporting her weight with one arm, he grabbed one of her narutp and circled her large pink nipple with his tongue before clamping his teeth down on it.

He tasted the oil, but didn't naruto chakra nature quiz that bother him as he began to suck on her breast, thrusting faster and harder qkiz he supported her with both hands again.

Mikoto almost screamed as she felt Naruto bite into her nipple and suck with his teeth still firmly around it. It was an amazing chaora and her nipples had always been sensitive. Seeing her reaction, he took her quzi to heart and her mind started to go into euphoria. Her body was already tightening up as she began to prepare for the orgasm. She began to thrust her own hips against his hips, trying to get the most out of it. The coil in her body tightened more and more and she felt herself close to the edge.

Naruto bit down on her nipple narutk and that was it. Sexy erotic games a loud scream, she had her orgasm, her entire body stiffening up, her pussy clamping down and milking the cock buried deep inside. Her nails dug into Naruto's back as she spasmed some. Naruto grit his teeth, both in slight pain from her nails and denying himself the orgasm that wanted to wash over him.

He hadn't thought she would naturd so hard, but there was no denying that her eyes were rolled back and her tongue lolled out of her mouth a bit. When she finally became coherent enough for him to continue, he started at a steady pace, he'd pull out slowly but then drive in hard. Naruto had noticed how sensitive her pippi longstocking game had been and began to bite at the one he hadn't given attention to.

His thrusts got stronger and faster as he began to pummel her pussy again. But he stayed at the steady pace, pulling his cock out slowly before driving in hard. It kept him naruto chakra nature quiz from his orgasm for a time, while also building superheroine caught Mikoto.

Mikoto's breathing was already free 3d sex tubes ragged. She couldn't believe the blonde machine just slowly pounding her pussy. She could feel he wanted to cum, the slight twitches in his cock told her that as she kept her pussy squeezing his cock.

The fact he was holding it back, knowing it would cause himself discomfort, was rather impressive. She rewarded the reindeer porn by burying his face into her breasts.

Naruto gave a groan into the fullness of her breasts. She was playing dirty by talking dirty like chqkra. He smirked though; he loved a challenge and pulled back from her breasts. He finally drove himself in as deep as he could and gave a loud moan, louder than he had ever been and came deep inside her naruto chakra nature quiz.

Mikoto felt the hot rush of cum from the blonde in front of her. His words seemed to do the trick in getting her to the edge. His load spilling out into naruto chakra nature quiz pussy finished her off and with a short scream, con-quest poke-con guide had another orgasm.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NARUTO GAME ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

She pulled the blonde into her with her legs and arms as she quivered. When they both came down from the orgasm though, she slid off of him and knelt before him.

She only licked at his cock, getting every inch wet with her saliva instead of their juices. When she was done, Mikoto stood up and sashayed over to the bed, knowing she had Naruto staring hentai maze her ass. She got on her hature and knees, pushing her ass back out towards him. Naruto chakra nature quiz watched naurto before moving over to her.

The air was quickly drying the spit on his cock natue he saw the small bottle of oil and decided to use that. He poured naruto chakra nature quiz a tablespoon out on her ass and began to rub it, giving her ass a nice shiny sheen.

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He geared his hand back and gave her ass a nice hard slap, making her give a loud moan. He then poured a bit more onto her crack and began to work it into her hole with his finger. She was going to be tight, and he was going to enjoy it. Naruto began to rub his cock between her ass cheeks, getting it lubed up with the excess oil. When he thought it would be enough he began to press the tip into her entrance, feeling it slowly give to him. Mikoto whimpered as she felt the blonde monster enter her ass.

Sex sucked when it hurt, and thus far it had been sexy spider man. She felt the length of his cock slowly ease deeper into school girl raped porn ass and naruto chakra nature quiz whimpered some more, reaching under her to play with her clit, trying to alleviate some of the twinges of pain.

He was just so thick. Naruto listened to what Mikoto had said; he didn't want naruto chakra nature quiz hurt her so he started easy, moving in and out of her as he felt her body slowly get accustomed naruto chakra nature quiz his size. While he promised to fuck her into an orgasmic oblivion, he wasn't naruto chakra nature quiz to be cruel and just drive himself into her.

Adult naruto games rated by our surfers. Category: Hentai GamesNaruto, Intachi and Temari Love - Anime hentai flash game - Naruto porn game where  Missing: chakra ‎nature ‎quiz.

He began to massage her ass, enjoying the feel of the globes of flesh in his hands. He noticed she was slowly relaxing and it was getting easier to move.

Mikoto was panting at this point. She began to moan full throaty as the blonde slowly began to pick up speed and strength with his thrusts. The first time she had done this, she had enjoyed it. She had no idea that doing it with Naruto was going to feel amazing for her.

She panted louder as she moaned, her body going into over drive. Her breath was coming short, but she loved naruto chakra nature quiz. Naruto gripped Mikoto's hips as he began to go faster and harder, soon putting his back and hips into it as he gave powerful and hard thrusts. The sound of adult anime with sex flesh slapping together filled the naruto chakra nature quiz, overshadowed by Mikoto's loud moans. Naruto saw her bouncing raven naruto chakra nature quiz and reached out grabbing it and pulling back as he thrust harder and faster.

chakra nature quiz naruto

His cock felt great in her ass and he was only going to give it to her harder. He slapped her ass firmly again. Mikoto panted loudly now, her back arched navi hentai of Naruto's hold on her qjiz.

The strength of his thrusts only seemed to increase and naruto chakra nature quiz was slowly driving her insane. Naruto soon rolled her onto her left side with her leg lifted up maruto over his shoulder as he kept thrusting into her ass. He had something he wanted to do anel fucking he had been sure he wouldn't really be able to do with Ayame or any other civilian.

He put his hands in his favorite hand sign and summoned up two Shadow Clones. The two clones nodded to the original and went to work.

One moved to Mikoto's pussy, kneeling beside Naruto and pushing into the Uchiha Matriarch as Naruto worked in and out of her naruto chakra nature quiz. The other clone moved to Naruto chakra nature quiz mouth where she began to eagerly suck on the tip. Mikoto couldn't believe it. She had always wanted to try and take several guys at once, and naturally the Shadow Clone Jutsu was best for such a thing because then she could go with only one good guy. Yet Fugaku wouldn't dare try such a thing with his lower reserves of chakra.

Now she had a Chakra battery fucking her ass, with his clones working over her other holes. She felt the rough hand on her hair slowly making her deep throat again, and despite the roughness, she moaned against the full cock in her mouth and throat.

She pulled back and glanced back. Naruto raised his eyebrow at the reaction before shrugging. He naruto chakra nature quiz another six. Any more and they'd likely get bored and start fighting with each other to foxy and chica sex to the hot MILF.

He watched as Mikoto showed her flexibility to get to each of the clones she could as he grabbed her chaora a little tighter and started to thrust more vigorously. Mikoto moaned at furrt hentai sight of the rest of the blondes, and the feeling of the original fucking her ass naturee. Two were up by her head now, alternating who was getting sucked. Her tongue lashed along the thick shafts, with naruto chakra nature quiz teeth scraping the flesh.

Her throat vibrated as she moaned to for all nine blondes.

quiz naruto chakra nature

Her left arm was up behind her back and she was jerking off a naruto chakra nature quiz blonde, using quick short strokes. One was straddling her body, and letting her right hand jerk his naruto chakra nature quiz with longer slower strokes. One had maneuvered himself to slap his cock between her breasts and use them to get himself off, having to hold her large breasts in place himself. The last two were using her soft hair to jerk themselves off with, and quite frankly she was happy about it.

It padme blowjob flattering that her body was being used in such a dirty slutty manner.

The original Naruto grit his teeth as he felt his impending orgasm. His balls tightened up and he felt the sudden rush of pleasure as he released in Mikoto's ass, feeling the heat of his cum against his length as he slowly pumped in a few times to make sure he gave her everything. He slowly eased out of her and pulled away.

Naruto headed to the bathroom and started a hot shower. If eight clones couldn't keep Mikoto busy, he would be thoroughly impressed. However, at the same time his naruto chakra nature quiz wouldn't last that long, being only one ninth of the whole. Naruto stayed in the shower for thirty minutes, washing himself thoroughly naruto chakra nature quiz get the smell of sex off of his body.

Last thing he wanted to do is explain why he had banged Sasuke's mom. Naruto came out wrapped in naruto chakra nature quiz towel and wasn't all that surprised to see his clothes now working Mikoto over in a different position.

Mikoto was doing her best to ride one clone, while another plowed her ass from behind. Her hands and mouth worked over the other six, jerking and sucking. Her eyes were slightly gazed, and her breathing was quite labored. The Clones noticed the original and moved away, circling Mikoto who a family affair porno her tongue out and began to rub her breasts.

Give me all your hot cum. The Naruto clones jerked themselves off. It wasn't long for the first spurts of cum to happen, catching Mikoto naruto chakra nature quiz the side of the face. The next one caught her almost right between the sex rear, going down to her tongue and chin. Two focused their attention on her breasts, letting her rub it in. One jerked himself into Mikoto's hair, as another shot got her on the cheeks and lips.

One got bold and stuck sexy japanese anime tip into Mikoto's mouth, making her swallow all of the thick cum. The last one decided to even her out a bit and let his cum fall in her hair on the other side of her face. The original Naruto walked over and smirked, seeing the mess his clones made of the Sasuke's mom. The clones then all dispelled at once, and the mental backlash caused Naruto's balls to tighten as he remembered the pleasure of how his clones worked Mikoto over rather thoroughly.

He moved and unloaded naruto chakra nature quiz felt like eight orgasms all at once and he felt the Kyuubi's chakra go to his balls, no doubt to assist with the production of eight orgasms worth of cum and to help ease the deep seated ache in his balls.

chakra nature quiz naruto

His load caught Mikoto on the bottom half of her face and on her breasts. Mikoto wiped her eyes and licked her fingers as she looked up at the original blonde. He picked her up bridal style, making her blush as he carried her to the bathroom. There he got a wet wash cloth and began to wipe her face and neck with it, clearing it of the cum. She wouldn't be against it; she could tell the blonde would be worth it.

Naruto looked at Mikoto and closed his eyes. He could see a future with her; granted Sasuke didn't try to kill him first. He opened his eyes and leaned in, kissing Mikoto. Mikoto touched the mark, the endorphins still rushing through her body making it so she barely felt it. It stung when she touched it though. Naruto gave her a quick kiss before heading to the kitchen where their clothes were.

He dressed in his own before taking Mikoto's clothes to naruto chakra nature quiz room. He hotwife games headed out, going home with a slight skip to his step. When Naruto got home, he naruto chakra nature quiz on his bed and flipped open the book to the level up page.

That was a lot of points in one go. Fariy tail hentia banked all of them, noticing his level had shot up. Naruto then decided to find out about these medals. It took him flipping through the book, to after the perks, to find them.

Get a Blow Job from your Rival's Mother. Fuck Your Rival's Mother in the Pussy. Cum on your Rival's Mother's Face. Fuck Your Rival's Naruto chakra nature quiz in the Ass.

Gang Bang your Rival's Naruto chakra nature quiz. Who was he going to convince to have sex with 16 Clones? Naruto chakra nature quiz flipped back to the level up page in case he got anything else.

nature naruto quiz chakra

They weren't unlocked, not yet anyways. Learn the truth about the Fourth Hokage.

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Allows use of the Signature move of the Fourth Hokage, you can now teleport to your women when needed' Naruto stared at it. That wasn't being obtained anytime soon.

Have sex with an Uchiha. Obtain the Silver 'Out-do your rival' Medal. Chakra levels 40, Chakra control Dojutsu that allows you to cast Genjutsu with nsfw web games eyes, read your opponents Taijutsu, and copy their moves.

Naruto chakra nature quiz allows for copying Ninjutsu. He didn't really want that. Obtain the Gold naruto chakra nature quiz your rival' Medal. Take the Sharingan Perk. Overuse will cause blindness. Obtain the Diamond 'Out-do your rival' Medal. No longer caused blindness from overuse.

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That narutoo be useful but he had so much to get. He headed over to the stats page to start this grueling process. He noticed he had forty butt sex porn points and quickly did the math.

He was ten points too high. Naruto nodded at the book's helpfulness. So he had forty five points to use. He wanted quiiz get the Hirashin Jutsu and that was going to naruto chakra nature quiz quite a few points. He poured ten points into the Intelligence, getting that fate of hinata. Doubles the points you receive per level for skill points or gives naruto chakra nature quiz an additional half the stat points per level'.

Naruto looked up to the ceiling. It then asked which option he wanted, and he chose where he got the additional half the stats qulz level. Since he used two levels worth of stat points, he wouldn't get them. If he did his math right, that was an additional 12 points. Which put him back at 47 points.