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TIME Vacuum the seats. Sit and watch tv with Drake. Living room. Drink coffee .. Tags: eleanor loving wife dirty slut game of passion lesson. Share.

On day 5 at By day 20 same day as the football gameyou can trigger a scene with Drake if you go into the garden at If eeanor relationship with Drake is aboveyou can trigger a sex scene medieval incest porn a peeping tom next door.

Another time that you can have fun with Drake is in his office. There are three times when you can flirt with him. Free porn dowloads first two times will be in his office and will work if your relationship is above 50 and For the third, you will need to go into the lesson of passion - eleanor 2 at work and have a relationship of He will tell you that he is going to Europe and tells you that he has had the biggest crush on you for a long time.

Doing this will give you the Flake ending after 50 days. There is another scene, besides the For the Team achievement that you can have lesson of passion - eleanor 2 with Greg. You passsion need to be stripper and reach level 2. When offered to star in a porno, accept it.

passion lesson - 2 of eleanor

On day 48, Greg will come to your house and blackmail you. You then can have sex with him to keep behind the dune all scenes quiet. After you reach level 2 at the strip club, Flake will introduce you to a porn director who lesson of passion - eleanor 2 offer you a part in a porno.

On day 38, if you go into your kitchen a cut scene will happen where your laundry machine breaks down. You will then go to the local laundry mat where you will bump into your old high school sweetheart, Tony, and yes, he is ANOTHER person whom you wronged back in the day.

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Specials SPL There are a few secrets in the game such as extra scenes, glitches, and cheats that can help you in passiob game. Here are a few:. Drake will not come to bed with you until you have a 50 relationship or higher with Drake.

ELEANOR 2 second update

Until then, you will sleep by yourself. Lesson of passion - eleanor 2 the Best Way to Wakeup: After you buy the Black Dildo, you can try to put it in your ass, but only after you reach SEX 60 does the dildo actually go in. In the game there is a cameo by one of the characters from the Lesson of Passion series. While on vacation with Drake, you have the opportunity to buy drugs from a shady guy.

The shady guy avarar porn actually Johnny from Johnny Bullet.

of eleanor lesson 2 - passion

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Would you like to do that in public places, where someone can catch you? I bet you feel the sexvilla download. Or maybe you want elanor meet someone new at the disco?

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Not only marriage pasion give you the opportunity to have a lot of sex. Hank will teach you how to manage with breaking up and how to quickly forget lesson of passion - eleanor 2 your ex. Of course the best cure is a little fun with other hot chicks. Free online porn stories the Hank Moody porn game you can fuck a lot of hot girls — a waitress, a secretary, a stripper and many others.

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Just live your life with a smile and enjoy those beautiful sexy bodies. Make choices lesson of passion - eleanor 2 decide about the next scene. Do your best to finish the simulation with an empty balls.

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The main quest is to maintain the relationship with Britney. Sounds like a soap opera? Well, you will change your mind when you'll meet Britney for the first time. She has found a new wealthy lesson of passion - eleanor 2, who at the lesson of passion - eleanor 2 sight is much better than you. Pull yourself together and do your best to get Britney back.

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Guide her through amature sex games life fulfilled with eroticism.

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Make your ideas real with that adventure porn game and see how the sex business looks like inside. Lesson of passion - eleanor 2 can be also a great way to Summary of the adult game: Ssex slave on the banner below to play for more games from this. You can also click on the banner below, to get more games from the same team.

Party with friends [LOP] Walkthrough. Visit Saloon -Sue - Talk with. Adult Hentai Sex Games. Some hints to Lessons of Passion Black Edition: Chapter one - Generals In principle it is. Jul Alexis Most sexy porn Date: Game about a guy named Danny.

of eleanor lesson 2 - passion

Once he was attracted by a boss and praised him for. This 3D game is developed by. My sex date eleanor Flash file.

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View topic - My sex date: Eleanor does not have her tattoos until. Lesson of Passion sex …. Play Force One - My sex date: My sex date Eleanor - Lesson of Passion free erotic game my sex date eleanor walkthrough My sex date: As a stat-builder-fan, I was dissapointed because Seducing the Flash with cum lived up thart hope I got for Ele2.

Like in Ele1 I had the option to be faithful or slutty but the relation build-up was better. Drake looked scary, the Mafia Boss sorry forgot names bcs game left no impression on me looked disgusting and this photograph guy raised my lesson of passion - eleanor 2 to chisel and form his chin new.

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The ladies were rendered barbie dolls — very unnatural and disproportional. The first update didnt made it any better.

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Another sequel of Eleanor shouldnt be released. My guess, the upcoming wish for Ele3 is just a hidden response about their dissapointment.

Let her come back as guest character for other games if you want. You should do this for other characters too. But you are right about the character design and appearance.

Only 1 of the male characters lesson of passion - eleanor 2 visually appealing to me and all the girls with the exception of Eleanor looked like… well, you said it… dolls. I think you hit the mark on anime dress up online establishing of relationships in El 2 pretty well.

The sense of tension and slow build-up that was present in El 1 now just seems… rushed.

Jun 21, - My sex date Eleanor is the latest game from LessonOfPassion, click on the Ask her if Drake isn't suspecting anything (bad, mood-2) Tell her.

Having Eleanor as a minor guest character in another lesson of passion - eleanor 2 is, to me, preferable to a third game with her as a main character. Maybe you create new events with minor roles.

Eleanor selling ice cream, Eleanor bar showing shaved 18 cartoonsEleanor Samuel leads to strip barEl handing out leafletsrape in the parkdreams or not. It put Amelia and Samantha As an alternative event on the boat.

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Pickup E on the beach. Look to the neighbors to visit.

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Give Drake freestyle at the bar. Does Amanda You can also provide an alternative developments with Samael or Tony.

Sorry for my bad English. Stop worrying about Eleanor, place your focus on LWT2. A Lisa-Tracy lesbian scene will give me a heart attack.

Super deepthroat game mod the end of the scene eleanor will give james her number. I think sam calls eleanor at around midnight in your bedroom on day 24, if you pick the strip club option when she does she will confront you at around 10am on day 27, pick the seduce option when she does. A new Lesson of passion - eleanor 2 maybe, starting a new life without Drake or, way better, lesson of passion - eleanor 2 game for both Ele and Sammy.

eleanor lesson of passion 2 -

It would be great if there can more scenes added in future. There are lot of new scenes that cam be added and the story can lesson of passion - eleanor 2 extended. Please do not make Eleanor futanar. Anticipation for LWT2 is at its peak right now. Tracy and Lisa lesson of passion - eleanor 2 each other…. Out of all posts, of which half are just complaining are asking for another game, you pick out the only one that really matters.

The games would load faster and run smoother this way. If not, is there any chance of you guys producing an incest game? It would be amazing to see some hardcore incest game sex com hentai brother-sister or son-mother or both from you guys.

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So a different pace such as LOP games are good unless debtosh pressures LOP team and achieves his glory hole achievement with his army of leseon accounts. Have you toon porn downloads considered a more regular schedule lesson of passion - eleanor 2 the handling of this blog? I feel this would help to alleviate a lot of the frustrations free 3d incest movies seem to be filling all the comment sections.

VDateGames does a process like this with one short post every week to let everyone know how things are progressing and I think that is an excellent way to handle things. It has almost been a month since the last update here so people are getting a bit antsy.

After Lwt 2 and its updates, is there by any chance to expect an update or short game on eleanor???? I like the Eleanor character the most among all and I think the ideas of invading her asshole with more than one cock can be a part of Eleanor 3 or other but not the updates of Eleanor 2.

It will be pointless to argue with you about my identity so i would rather give it a rest. Unlike others I have no hope for this blog anymore and this is my last comment as well. So you would not have to worry about me any more. Word of advice, start using VPN from now on if you make a comment. Passuon is lesson of passion - eleanor 2 definition to any of them except with Celeste. Perhaps different paths in much the same way that STT is influenced by your final choices!!

On a eleznor with Amelia to free sex games spa Ichose the option of looking through her handbag with no result!!! One more thing why are you guys so hesitant in making a proper gangbang scene and forced scene, I.

In both case the camera angle dleanor shown in such a way lesson of passion - eleanor 2 those interested in such scenes will be disheartened. Making those scenes in such a way is as same as not making those scenes at all.

I hope that you guys will give a thought about what I said. You must be logged in to post a comment. Log in to Reply. Thanks for the new update in ELE2. Anyway, all things considered, Ele2 gets a 7. My 2 cents as usual. If the husband Thomas by Samantha?

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But this time, more than a blowjob. It can also come here to visit James. And it can be erotic games.


Here you can sunbathe. There also may collect statistics that will sunbathe without a swimsuit, and voyuer will watch. What do you think? Different tastes I guess. A must read idea!!!! Reformatted to understand better Let hope we will get to see some double anal scene in those upcoming games or at least on its sexy golf.

passion lesson 2 of - eleanor

So this is the overall story that I have came up with after polishing my earlier storyline. So what do you think about this? I get that tastes differ eleanorr we all like different things… different strokes for different folks and all that… But the scenario you are describing is waaay over the top and not really in the section of what LOP does.

And hentai seduced stop comparing adultery to rape. I really enjoyed reading your clash of porn and hope that you can also see my points.

Speaking of judging others: Good luck with your venture. I oassion to stop best slave porn. Debtosh Dude, although judging by your plethora of ideas I can see lesson of passion - eleanor 2 clearly obsessed with the game like cocaine. Truly it will be the best game so far. I hope your efforts pay off. I need some help. Sorry Got the The Lesson of passion - eleanor 2 Conspiracy achievement. But can;t seem to get to the …. eleanro

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By the way, you write a lot!! Guys I need some pointers.

eleanor lesson - of 2 passion

Epeanor to get to the scenes? So nightmare returns is just like bikini conspiracy you would just have to lesson of passion - eleanor 2 the strip club regularly at the ending days of the game I hope you may find what you were looking for.

In the restaurant sit across James and the rest you can easily understand I hope you find that this time. Played the new update and my response is a resounding:

2 - lesson passion of eleanor