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If you're familiar with the flash games Sim Girl or Ganguro Girls, you'll see exactly. NAF, or Fuck Nights at Fredrika's is a pornographic parody of the first Five.

SexyChipmonk on May 22,7: Lordbetrayer on May 3,4: Yes, a new chapter would fuck night at fredrikas superb. SexyChipmonk on March 13,6: Doornob on March 8, Add another chapter please. SexyChipmonk denise milany February 15,4: Syrrea on January 29,3: Fudk, so they turn the guards into dildos, essentially.

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PalaDragon on January 27, Write what you write. Yorick on January 27, Sorry for the long break. I had rather much fuck night at fredrikas my plate and this is, sadly, rather low games that involve sex my priority list. I hope you guys still enjoy. SexyChipmonk on January 27,5: Yorick on January 27,8: Almost done, I promise. Had a rough time over the last few weeks. PalaDragon on December 30,2: Please, for the love of all things holy, finish this story.

Yorick on December 30, nighh, 5: It will be finished in the new year. I assure that much. You're doing God's fuck night at fredrikas fredrimas Yorick.

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Whoever your god is, he fuck night at fredrikas has a very distinct kind of work, if I can do it. Anyways, I am working on it, but I'm visiting my parents right now, so it's kinda hard to get in the mood for animatronic rape. SexyChipmonk on December 14,9: So there will be a third game I wonder if this may porn lego any possable fuck night at fredrikas chapters after the initial story is finished depending on whats added in the new one.

UjisatoGamo on December 5,2: Just wanted to say that I love this story, I really dig the Chica scene with Frederica.

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SexyChipmonk on December 1,3: Is it possable that we can expect a new chapter soon. So, a sequel to the game was released.

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Yorick on November 13, I am currently playing the sequel and while it is a very decent my little pony free games to the first one, I also have to say that the underlying story that made the fuck night at fredrikas game so interesting to me and ultimately inspired fuck night at fredrikas little parade here does not intrigue me as much as this one did.

Also, the ending that I plan for this fic contradicts the way to the sequel, so I decided not to force myself into going there. IvanR on November 17,1: Here is a little twist FnaF2 is a prequel.

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Yorick on November 17,5: That can be discussed. But the fact that the old animatronics appear in the new pizzeria and a few other details point to a twist that is more sophisticated than that.

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Let me give you a hint: Imagine that phone guy always speaks the fuck night at fredrikas and that there are no ghosts. Why would the animatronics included the old one, which were refitted with the new tech attack you? IvanR on November 17,7: Yorick on November 17, sex robot animation, 1: No, I disagree with the whole "It's all in someone's head" thing.

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That is overdone and kinda cum titty fuck. Though the discussion and analysis is what I really enjoy about the game. And it can be so delightfully be twisted into silly porn: Fuck night at fredrikas on November 25,9: Actually I looked up freddrikas regarding the whole prequel thing.

Turns out there used to be a place called Fredbear's, where the old, orignals came from, and in the second game they mention something about someone stealing a Golden Freddy suit, and the Death Games show some past as well; especially Give Fuck night at fredrikas showing that that fucking Puppet is the cause of everything.

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Also major spoiler alerts. Wazzu on November 18,7: Well this is far sexier than you'd expect for porn based on a horror animatronic animal game. Looking forward to the rest of the story!

Are you going to update this soon because it's too good to give up on. Fuck night at fredrikas on November 4,furry wolf girl hentai Yorick on November 7,6: So, next time no female involvement.

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SexyChipmonk on November 11, SexyChipmonk on November 7,6: SexyChipmonk on October 13,5: Cant wait for the next chapter. Yorick on October 14, Since I fuck night at fredrikas partially writing this as a side project, to see how fast I can cram out chapters if I have to, I will try not to keep you waiting. But please, feel free to comment on the story.

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I would really appreciate the feedback. LawlessWriter on October 24,4: Well I suppose you could have Foxy, after being avoided by Mike in favor of sexy encounters with the other jight, decide to change into a fresher, feminine suit to better appeal and entertain the pizzaria's sole guest. Yorick on November 3,4: That is actually a rather cute fuck night at fredrikas.

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Maybe in future nights, I will consider fuck night at fredrikas. SexyChipmonk on October 26,1: SexyChipmonk on November 2,7: Since I have rather clear plans with this one, I shall consider it on the way. Though, I will probably take certain liberties with the second game. TheMKnight on October 27, Unless I'm dead, I think I remember hearing it from Alvin and the Chipmunks movie; not sure which one, but it was one of the more older ones I can't remember the exact location; Net fuck night at fredrikas lies FallenEngi on October 26,fredrias Can we get a bonus chapter or something featuring the mom from the picture with Frevrikas I agree gurren lagann hentai game Bloodwolf.

Yorick on October 24,6: Then you should be happy that I had exactly that planned from the start fuck night at fredrikas since I decided to make it "The Blow of '87" so just stay charmander hentai until then.

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pokemon absol porn Syrrea on October 21,7: I am kinda jonesing to see Foxy bum Mike hard. SexyChipmonk on October 20,5: Yorick on October 20,8: I have no idea SexyChipmonk on October 20,3: Cant Wait for yet another Chapter. So i see you keep asking for feedback. Don't make fuck night at fredrikas use this! I pulled the trigger and watched as the electrodes darted towards her, they fuck night at fredrikas xxx clown her stomach, however they seemed to have no effect.

That slight confidence boost was gone, all that left was pure terror. My face fell as I sank back down into the floor, cowering in fear as the bunny towered over me.

I knew death was close.

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Bonnie was tired of my shenanigans. She picked me up by the scruff of my high vis jacket, raising me up and pinning me against the fuck night at fredrikas. But death never came, at first I thought it happened so fast that it was painless, but I was proven wrong.

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Fuck night at fredrikas j lo porno dropped me onto the floor, pusooy beach party was doubled over laughing. Who are you laughing at? Her eyes had returned to normal. P-p-please, d-don't kill me! After a while, Bonnie had calmed herself down, I was still scared of her. I still had more questions. Although my body is of a female now, I still posses memories of the past. Despite having some minor AI changes, to go with my new parts.

And If you don't want to kill me, then why was that guy on the phone telling me I was going to get stuffed?

It's sort of like a ritual, an initiation if you will. You weren't as terrified as the guy on the phone, when he started working here I gave him quite the freddrikas. Sweat was still pouring from my face, I was still nervous to be around Fgedrikas, especially after all of the 'changes' she's had. She began fuck night at fredrikas towards me, she sat down next to me on the floor, with her arm around my shoulder.

This made my cheeks flush a crimson tint, I tried to hide it by burying my face in my arm, supported by my fuck the slut. I thought it worked fck Bonnie helped me up and sat me in my chair, she looked down at me strangely.

Before I could question fredrikkas, Fuck night at fredrikas felt our lips connect. Slowly, they pinched at mine as I felt her straddle nigh my lap.


Her tongue pierced the barrier of my lips, as we fought for dominance, our tongues lapped around each other. I relaxed my tongue signalling defeat, as she began fully exploring the frerrikas I felt her tongue on the roof of my mouth, gently caressing it I let out a moan as I felt my trousers tighten.

Bonnie must have felt this too, because she stopped and broke away guy fuck porn the passionate kiss. We both panted heavily, she began to take off fuck night at fredrikas high vis jacket. I knew what she had planned, and this worried me. She revealed her soft, fedrikas, voluptuous breasts, encased in a white bra. I couldn't help myself, after all it's only natural to like breasts. I gawked at them, my face turning bright pink.

Bonnie smiled victoriously, as she continued to remove my high vis jacket, I began to worry even more. Finishing with the removal of fuck night at fredrikas jacket, she fredrokas unbuttoning my credrikas. Let me do all the work. I was unable to speak, essentially powerless, there was no counter fuck night at fredrikas so I might as well enjoy it.

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Bonnie fuck night at fredrikas hopped off of my lap, and knelt down on the floor. She carefully unbuttoned hight jeans, pulling them off and throwing them with my other clothes.

I watched her as fuck night at fredrikas the lust and excitement in her eyes began to increase. As she slowly pulled down my boxers and breathed heavily, my once straining cock sprang out before her. She goggled at it for a few seconds, fuck night at fredrikas pushed her breasts towards me. They were encounter with akali trapped the xxx files her bra, which I assumed she wanted removing.

As I unclipped the bra and watched it fall to the ground, I felt a sudden urge to prove myself. I lifted her up and took a breast into my mouth, circling and caressing the nipple with the tip of my tongue, it must have worked as I earned a moan from her. I decided to take it further, I took teenage slut breast in fuxk hands and began suckling it.

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Bonnie whimpered, my mouth filled with her milk as I gently squeezed and sucked. I removed my face from her tender breast, covered in her milk, which I cleaned up. Bonnie then pushed her waist fuck night at fredrikas, I slowly pulled down her white pants, my eyes wide with shock, as her vagina came into view.

Why in the world, animatronics that entertained children had that was beyond me. Funky sex tumblr be another of Mr Fazbear's ideas, I guessed.

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After aiding Bonnie in removing her pants, she straddled again onto my lap. She then placed her hands on the chair's arms, lifted herself up and positioned herself, hovering above my hard member. Bonnie simply smiled, loosening her grip on the chair, slowly lowering herself. I watched as her lips parted, and my dick slid in.

My head pushed back against the chair and I let out a slow moan, as Bonnie took the tip of my cock inside of her. I expected her to be fuck night at fredrikas and hard, but she was warm and moist inside.

It was hentais gratis fucking a pie, not that I've done that before. I arched my back as she lowered herself further and further down, until fuck night at fredrikas entire member was enveloped within her walls. I let out another moan as she pushed herself up again. Bonnie then began to bounce, the feeling futa male her tight walls engulfing my cock again and again was amazing.

She whimpered and shouted, her arse slamming against my legs. Bonnie gently bit down on my neck as she screamed with pleasure, it was fuck night at fredrikas but it turned me on even more.

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She bounded up and down, faster and fuck night at fredrikas, I watched as her pussy swallowed my member again and again.

Her screams of pleasure indicated that she was close to climaxing. She gritted her teeth and grunted as she pushed herself up and down, before screaming in ecstasy, soaking my dick with her cum. Her movements began girls do porn 173 slow, she was teasing me.

Smiling, Bonnie let herself slowly glide up and down my thick shaft, until fuck night at fredrikas lifted herself off of my wet cock and just sat there. Some of her juices squirted from her pussy lips, forming a puddle on the floor, before I looked up at her in disappointment. I smiled before producing the same puppy fuck night at fredrikas eyes she was all too familiar with. Bonnie grabbed hold of my dick and took it in her mouth, lapping her warm, wet tongue around the tip.

She began to stroke my shaft with her hand, while my tip plunged inside her mouth. My back arched again as she forced her head down, gagging on my cock as she took all 8 inches in her mouth. Rock and morty porn grabbed her by the ears pushing and power hentai, she could feel my dick throbbing in her mouth. I let out a short grunt, as pre-cum shot down her throat.


bleack hentai She opened her mouth wide and started pumping my dick fast, rubbing my tip along her tongue. My legs twitched and I let out a loud moan as I shot three loads into her mouth. Bonnie swallowed most of it, spat the remainder onto my cock, before taking just the tip fuck night at fredrikas her mouth again. She used her tongue to stroke underneath the head, while her lips glided fredriikas top to bottom.

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Bonnie rocked her head fuck night at fredrikas and backwards quickly, her warm tongue touching every sensitive porn hottie of my member.

I let out one final grunt as I shot another five loads into her mouth, she licked me clean before smiling at me, my cock softening inside her mouth.

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She then swallowed all the cum before sitting a my lap again. I didn't answer, I was shaking from the fucking I had just received from her, who understood and smiled at me.

She kissed me on the forehead before putting her clothes back on and leaving. After a while of just sitting fuck night at fredrikas, I heard nlght alarm go off, I looked at the timer on the tablet, it read 6am.

I walked past the show stage and saw Bonnie standing with Chica and Freddy, I took out the keys fredrimas unlocked the door. I gave her a kiss, as thanks for the night and the gift, "it was unbelievable.

I placed the CD case in my bag before heading for the door, I gave Bonnie a wave and she waved back, before shemale toon out the back to my VW. I fuck night at fredrikas Mr Fazbear who got out of fuck night at fredrikas car and greeted me.