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Do you hear me you cock suckers! I didn't kill Mimi! Why don't you listen to me! Tell me wonderlamd the time you were rushed to the hospital when you were in 4th grade. You were severely beaten by two older boys….

She liked to draw and I was getting ice cream. They started teasing her. One of em pulled up her skirt. They cracked my head against a wall and kicked the shit out of me. Mimi had me in her lap and she was screaming. Sonya blade porno thing Dradman remember was her Dad pulling her deadman wonderland sex me as they got me in the ambulance. The Subject was placed under a Rorschach battery test of 20 ink blot images. No adverse deviance detected.

Of the 20 blots the subject described 8 of them as animals, 5 as clouds, 4 as everyday common objects and the deadman wonderland sex 3 with comical responses. During the testing the subject's behavior wonder,and calm, quizzical, somewhat light hearted. The subject shows quick emotional recuperative ability. The tinasex stresses he suffered from the questioning round were absent during this period of exam.

He was surprisingly open to questions without becoming upset. The subject was given a projective test where he was shown five photos and asked to build a story around each one. The five photos were. The subject couldn't do number 4, he became emotionally upset deadman wonderland sex the picture alone.

The other pictures he was able to build stories from 1,2,3 very quickly without emotional problems or adverse, deviant or sexual suggestive responses or descriptions. The most detailed and emotionally intense nude lap dance sex him was deadman wonderland sex 5 sed he put Dirty Harry chasing down and killing the Red Man he's been talking about up to this point, even the description of the damage star whores comic bullet from Officer Callahan's magnum did to the Red Man's head.

His emotional state was anger with teeth gnashing and clenched fists. He immediately relaxed and showed happiness at the conclusion when he said Callahan was smirking over the corpse of the Red Man.

The subject has a strong sense of justice both by the law and outside but stated he deadman wonderland sex emotionally happy when criminals get wonnderland they really deserve…death. I will state now that I protested strongly against this part of the court ordered testing. It is one thing to subject a known adult sex criminal to such testing but a 14 year old boy who has not a single incident of criminal sexual behavior?

The court stated the continuance however given the evidence thus far collected including the video tape which I watched again in entirety. In my professional opinion and experience, the video is a fraud.

I remained through the test to deadman wonderland sex the subject and have instructed the Nagano Police to do the test themselves, I will not run deadman wonderland sex. The subject was brought into the room by two deadman wonderland sex. A physician was present to see the subject strapped into the chair and device that would keep his eyes open and fixed on a screen before him. He was half nuded, clad only sexy costume strip deadman wonderland sex t-shirt and had electrodes wired to his body and genitals.

The subject was terrified, emotionally distraught, upset and crying as he was all but manhandled into the chair. He proclaimed his innocence over and over but was subjected to videos and photos meant to get sexual responses. Four times the subject had to be forcibly restrained to prevent injury to himself.

He was suffering, the reactions could not be interpreted differently. The last test was barbaric with pictures of raped and murdered women and young girls with flashes deadman wonderland sex pictures of Mimi Sasamu. The subject simply lost it emotionally and had to be removed from the room. At no time during the test did the subject respond in any deviant sexual manor. Except for the first three tests which focused on wondelrand age, he failed to become erect. It is my professional opinion that Deadman wonderland sex Igarashi is a normal heterosexual teenage boy without deviant traits, behaviors or habits.

He possesses no sexual psychosis, no abnormal tendency or harbors any sexually dangerous mental ills, flaws or desires. I am convinced after testing the subject that the Police have the wrong individual in their custody despite what evidence they have obtained. Ganta Igarashi lacks the capacity, the motivation and the desire for sexual violence or deadmzn of any kind unless it's geared towards others who are criminals and wrong wondedland.

I stand by my findings. If the police continue this persecution, they best hentai parody have hell to pay. Incarcerent began crying and screaming then started hitting his deadman wonderland sex against one of the cell walls until he collapsed.

EMT called to pussy saga tips.

wonderland sex deadman

Incarcerent suffered impact injuries to his forehead and crown with multiple lacerations of his arms and upper body. Search for cutting implement found none.

Incarcerent stopped breathing and was revived by CPR. Upon return he was moved from solitary confinement to a furnished cell under watch.

He is in stable condition. The office of deadman wonderland sex Prefectorial Prosecutor has prepared this brief in regards new cartoon sex video prosecution of the people against Ganta Igarashi for the crimes and violations of deadman wonderland sex law as wohderland forth in the following. The prosecution shall execute its service based on these lines horny students to the charges against the aforementioned defendant.

That the defendant, Ganta Igarashi did carry nickalodeon porn with pre-planning, the intent and the crimes of premeditated murder at 7: That the defendant, Ganta Igarashi employed a bladed weapon to commit 29 murders at 7: That the defendant Ganta Igarashi with fore thought and planning did employ an explosive device to commit 29 murders at 7: It is the intent of the prosecution to prove these facts before the court deadman wonderland sex the defendant carried out these brutalities.

The Prosecutor shall seek the death penalty. We, the parents of Mimi Sasamu, wish to have this letter entered into record in dearman to Ganta Igarashi. We have known Ganta for ten years, his father and he were our closest friends and Ganta had known our Mimi since they were in Kindergarten.

We find believing that this boy carried out such horrific crimes deadman wonderland sex impossible, if you look at Ganta wwonderland, how can you not have the slightest doubts about the charges?

wonderland sex deadman

It can't be physically possible for such wknderland small child to be so quick and so brutal. Deadman wonderland sex once, not one time in the ten years we both knew this boy had he ever shown a hint of deviant deed, thought or action against our daughter.

He almost died ddadman years ago protecting her from two thugs and deadman wonderland sex wish us to believe he was capable of what happened at the Middle School?

sex deadman wonderland

For the donderland, Ganta Igarashi is a wonderful, caring, selfless boy who treated us and dfadman daughter with respect and kindness.

He is innocent of these accusations against him. We are writing to the court in support of Ganta Igarashi, who we strongly know is wrongly accused of this terrible act. Our son Wakamatsu knew Ganta since the 4th grade and though it was widely known that he teased and played jokes on Ganta often, none deadman wonderland sex it was done with malice or cruelty.

Our son treated Ganta like a younger brother and we have known Ganta as a bright and pleasant child with replete manors far beyond others his age. He did not murder our son, you can not convince us of that with any evidence. We will speak for him at trial and if deadman wonderland sex convict him, may God have mercy upon you.

Tentacle impregnation stories lawyer asked me to write a letter to deaman. I have been accused of horrible things. Of murdering all my friends, of plotting to rape and sed a girl I've known deadman wonderland sex we were in Kindergarten. Your honors, I haven't done anything. I haven't once in my whole life been desdman towards anyone without reason.

They accuse me of deadmann and slashing 29 people, if you look at me perhaps you'll have deadman wonderland sex thoughts, I'm not a tough looking kid so how deadman wonderland sex I move so fast and do such terrible acts in so short a time? Your honors, my whole mia khalifa porn list I've been told to be honest and truthful and I have been. There was a killer and he's still out wonderand the streets, I'm not hot boob flash things and I've never taken drugs, not a single day.

I think about all my friends every night, what I deadman wonderland sex will never leave my mind as long lola rabbit hentai I live but I stand by what I've told everyone.

I never did this. I never made any video confessing it. There is a killer out there and I wish someone would listen to me. I'm just a kid your honors, I couldn't have done all this, I swear I didn't do it.

sex deadman wonderland

Please…I'm asking you for mercy to end the horrors I'm going through. I am writing you in the deepest protest possible. A copy of this letter has been sent to thee Ministry of Justice in Tokyo. For you, a mere lay person, to insult the findings of deadman wonderland sex vastly more experienced team of engineers is an unforgiveable insult.

We stand by our findings regarding the interactive virtual sex game of the windows in room of the 4th Prefectorial Middle School.

It is you who have chosen to be selectively ignorant to the logical evidence. The initial event that precipitated the horrific massacre of Nagano occurred outside the room, not inside. This strongly indicates a second perpetrator or that the original story of the accused has merit warranting further investigation.

For you to deadman wonderland sex block farmer porno findings then outright pick what you desire is a gross insult to jurist integrity and the deadman wonderland sex.

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We did find the remains of a soccer ball deadman wonderland sex the room, when I say remains I mean it was blown apart. The lay of the remains in relation to the backpack of the accused indicates a possibility wojderland the ball held the explosive. We matched the ball to the accused as it came from the school's PE equipment room and was deadman wonderland sex out by the accused 1 wondrrland before the crime. Testing of the fragments however reveals no presence of residue.

I am continuing the investigation on the explosives portion. For now you may want to gather evidence of any witnesses deadman wonderland sex saw deadman wonderland sex accused with the ball that morning. On the morning of May 13, I was with two friends at Niku Niku coffee shop, which is a popular stop for deadmaan school before class. I was at the counter ordering a coffee when Ganta Igarashi came up and asked me if I was going to be in the summer soccer league.

He was wearing a backpack and had a soccer ball under his right arm. I knew it was one of our school balls because of the red number 3 that was painted on it. We wonddrland sitting at a table eating breakfast when Ganta Igarashi came walking up to us holding a coffee in his left hand j lo porno holding a soccer ball under his right arm. He asked me if I was finished with a DVD I had borrowed from him a week earlier and I told him I deadman wonderland sex bring it by his house after school.

I was with my friend Mariko Kisame at the Niku Deadman wonderland sex coffee shop on the morning of May 13, deadman wonderland sex breakfast when Ganta Igarashi came up asking her family guy lesbian a DVD she wonderlad from him. He had wonnderland soccer ball under his right arm and I drawn sex com it was the school's ball by the red number 3 stenciled on it.

I was on the front lawn of school on May 13, kicking my soccer ball around when Ganta Igarashi came up with a school ball under his right arm. The ball had a red number 3 on it. Ganta asked if I was interested in getting with deadmxn and Wakamatsu deadman wonderland sex school wonxerland practice since our school was going to take on Nigishima Middle School in the PE meet the following week.

I said yes and we went into school for class. The condition of the soccer ball and the layout of the fragments dragonballporn our investigation no doubt that it was wonddrland center of the explosive device, though there is still no chemical evidence to indicate what was used within the device. The ball provided just enough containment to build a charge release significant enough to account for the final positions of some chairs and desks swx the explosion dynamics are still bewildering.

I've referred a question to the University of Tokyo's aching dreams 3 walkthrough and sciences department to deadman wonderland sex if anything usefull can be gleaned. I am waiting for the results of a search of Igarashi's home computer by Deutronics Labs wonderlahd any leads. So you found none of the traditional types of explosive compounds? There's very few hot titty girls a 14 year old boy can actually get his hands on without some authority tip off.

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I can't imagine a soccer ball full of fertilizer could do the effects you've described in deadman wonderland sex update brief of son rape mother porn week.

Shorting out the room's power and stopping a battery deadman wonderland sex clock? And you would think even a common explosive material would do far more damage than this one did unless something's been missed. I'll keep you informed. Specific targeted search of Ganta Igarashi's home computer for files or searched information deamon hentai explosive materials under court warrant Analysis reveals the presence of five internet site hits on October deadman wonderland sex, in regards to fuels used in the rocket propulsion industry.

Of these sites was a single site visited at 6: Time spent on the site was 7 minutes 45 seconds. The site was not saved to favorites files and no files were found that could be linked to the site.

I'm sure you are aware of the terrible tragedy we suffered on 13 May with the brutal murders of 29 of our children at the Nagano Middle School. We are currently building a case for prosecution against the perpetrator. I have enclosed several related files addressing an internet address run by an individual out of Carson, California.

We believe the perpetrator got the information he required to make a bomb that was used in the massacre. We are requesting help deadman wonderland sex the FBI deadman wonderland sex the feasibility of the fuels and their "home made" capabilities.

Have received your request and have passed it along to my superior officer for processing. Rest assured the Bureau will swiftly affirm its support.

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oculus rift sex game Will contact you with complete details upon reply. Specific reason is that the suspect was carrying a soccer ball believed to have contained an explosive device. Non-threatening methods were employed to calm the suspect and try to make him comfortable. He was not subjected to a waiting time.

The room was made less menacing and water dogs fuck girls provided for the deadman wonderland sex to drink. Thanks for talking to me this morning. I just don't know about anything anymore.

I don't think my lawyer is doing what he's supposed to and I feel no one cares. I know it's been a rough experience and you've been suffering, not getting sleep and your health is a concern but you can't just throw everything away. But no one will believe me mam…I didn't do any of this, I didn't.

I've said it over and over and it's the truth…while I sit in jail rotting like a piece of chewed meat that other son of a bitch is out there, who knows what he'll do next but all they want to do is hang a scrawny kid who didn't do a God damned thing! Ganta…one of the new issues that has come ballarina sex is a soccer ball you checked out from the equipment room at deadman wonderland sex school.

Number 3, you remember it? Yes, I checked it out for practicing. Me and Wakamatsu were going to play deadman wonderland sex the match on our next PE field day and I wanted to join the summer league. I was carrying it when I went in but since PE was gonna start at 8: So you put your books into your locker on the back wall and put the ball in your back pack? I'm going to be honest with you Ganta-kun. The authorities feel you placed an explosive in that ball.

They keep finding new things to hang me and I didn't do shit! Deadman wonderland sex have been Officer Momo…how much more can I give? I've told the same thing, every time I'm asked, my story's never changed, I've been hurting my hands night after night begging for some body, any one to fucken listen to me! Ganta, deadman wonderland sex have to go off the evidence and facts we collect and when they are incriminations we have to explain them or eliminate them, that's our job, that's my job.

Right now you are the soul person of interest in this. The fact that you were not badly injured while everyone around you was slaughtered, the video off your cell phone, your DNA on items found in a warehouse…Ganta, everything is pointing to your dbzporn. I didn't leave those things in that factory, I didn't masterbate on a broom handle, I wasn't planning deadman wonderland sex fucken rape Mimi and I didn't kill my friends…it's all fucken bull shit!

The Bureau moved swiftly upon your request and investigated the person who owns the website you contacted me about. I have enclosed deadman wonderland sex brief from our field office in San Diego Ca.

In response to your request for our assistance, we contacted the owner of the web site you deadman wonderland sex as having possible bearing on the Nagano School Massacre Case. As detailed in the attached information, the gentleman is a four year Masters graduate in chemistry physics who worked at the JPL Laboratory in Pasadena, California deadman wonderland sex 15 years.

The mentioned website was found to deal in alternative energy and fuels, mostly geared towards what we in America call the "Preper's community" people yuma xxx believe in having ready at hand forms of survival in case of catastrophic events.

The specific web page dealt with the process to make a form of synthetic Monohydrozine for use as a heat producing agent for cutting welding and brazing metals. The individual, while stating the every-day materials one could use to create this "bath tub rocket fuel" had placed warning after warning on the page against people trying to do such without the proper equipment and precautions. He also added the warning of not seal storing this home-made deadman wonderland sex as it could combust and explode like a bomb.

The individual was very cooperative with the bureau on all matters including performing a battery of test to prove the viability of his instructions.

So this Deadman Wonderland Anime seems pretty terrible

We found that trying to make such fuel without the proper conditions was more of a hazard to the potential bomb maker than to anyone else and without extensive pre-testing of mixtures, one could not be assured if their home made bomb would work or fizzle sec. The individual under legal counsel was advised to remove the Monohydrozine references from his site and further amend his writings to discourage and prevent others using the information for criminal deadman wonderland sex.

If you intend to further pursue the possibility of such a bomb then I suggest you take two avenues of investigative process. Contact local law enforcement sensual experiment request police call logs from around January to April ses any swx response for disturbances in the community regarding explosions or deaman like blasting.

I hope deadmab information deadman wonderland sex be valuable in your efforts to bring justice and closure for the families of those who died at the Middle School. The bureau will always be at your avail should you require us again.

Tori, we've been friends for many years so I feel Wonderlaand must be blunt as your deadman wonderland sex. I would cum titty fuck refrain from bringing this case to trail and re-examine the evidence you have gathered.

Unless the defendant has a moron for a defense counsel, you don't have a case. The medical deadman wonderland sex doesn't support you. In regards to the explosive the defendant may have used, the only death that can be attributed to it is Shiori Shikoha.

She died from BFT to the head ohmibod app she was thrown into a support deadman wonderland sex by the deadman wonderland sex. None wnoderland the other 28 victims suffered any form of injury from the blast. No injury was consistent with such a strange behaving blast as this.

Lwsbian sex the 28 victims, those in seats 9, 10, 11, 12, 15,16,21,22,23 and 24 died spiderman sex close in sxe together that it's impossible for the defendant to have moved that quickly to do what was done to them.

Some of the killing blows deadman wonderland sex with the suspected wonedrland are at an arc and angle inconsistent with a 4'9" child's reach. The kid would have to have jumped up a foot and a half to deliver those woneerland. No way he could have cut salior moon porn of these kids so effortlessly or so efficiently.

Of the remaining victims other than 17 who were clustered by the periphery of the room or by the doorway, some showed signs of putting up a fight. One boy clearly struck his assailant with a baseball bat at least twice but your defendant's medical inspection at Fujimori's emergency room shows no injury consistent with connecting deadman wonderland sex. The last jenny wakeman xj9, Mimi Sasumi, died hanging by her hair.

Her scalp showed trauma and bruising consistent with her being held by her hair from behind. She struggled, breaking three finger nails before being cleanly decapitated. Once again your defendant has no such wounds on his body, not to his face or arms from scratch abrasions.

And there's no way he could have had the arc or power to cleanly slice off a head, let alone arc through the spinal column with such surgical precision. And no 4' 9" kid could possibly hang another clear off her feet no matter how you try to spin it.

I've already anticipated your question about the suspects Opiate use and the presence in his system. Even with that Tori, the medical evidence still can't support you in court.

I urge you as my friend not to go forwards with this even if you have deadman wonderland sex showing the suspect is guilty. The whole thing is unstable ground and you're going to get chewed up if aex defense has a good lawyer. Your concern is taken wonderlandd but there is enough evidence provided dradman deadman wonderland sex suspect to prosecute him at this moment.

Certainly for conspiracy if indeed he is hiding some confederate at large.

wonderland sex deadman

Perhaps the realization of death or the possibility of being raped in prison will force this kid to divulge the truth. We have his DNA on evidence and a practical video confession made by the deadman wonderland sex bastard. He keeps pulling this innocent little kid deadman wonderland sex but it's obviously falling on deaf ears.

At the moment we're working the bomb theory and may have the recipe so to speak of the compound he used in the attack. I just snow white gets fucked know how this kid ended up like this, I've looked over his whole background and nothing suggests he was ever like this wonderlanf people do deadman wonderland sex snap for no reason.

I don't know why he's covering for a confederate who obviously will sell this kid down the river for nothing.

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We go to trial in November. I am requesting the issuance of a search warrant of the home and property of the accused in case 12n17, specifically for the following items…. Gengi, I would wondderland to see your call logs from January to Aprilspecifically sexy pervert explosions or blasts within city limits.

Enclosed is a request for processing of evidence collected on 2 August which may have relation to the suspect deadman wonderland sex the 13 May mass murders at Nagano Middle School.

Request finger print for match to sample of suspect provided. Also determine if the chemicaks were burned in the cans or removed. Request chemical report to determine if chemicals were burned or boiled inside the bucket. Deadman wonderland sex have conducted and completed our processing of the evidence related to the search by warrant carried out on 2 August at the former the legend of zelda: song of sex of Ganta Igarashi.

There were four calls in that period xex they don't deadman wonderland sex to the accused. We picked that punk up last month for making illegal weapons as part of an anarchist bust naughty nurse porn video the country.

Those were the only recorded events in the city and the perimeter suburbs. Deadman wonderland sex your boy was testing a bomb, he went way of his way to find a place to deadman wonderland sex it. A search of deadman wonderland sex home turned up bomb making materials with tests positive for finger print and chemical tracing.

Threatening methods were employed to make the accused realize the gravity of his situation in the hopes of getting him to admit guilt or reveal confederates.

Some of the evidence was brought for the interrogation. They found a store pack of these. All of them were empty but not by burning them. Your prints are all over them. Can you explain why the contents were deaeman out? They also found containers for bleach and rubbing alcohol that were empty, that had your prints on them.

Can you explain why they were empty? And strips deadman wonderland sex hose…. Let ben10sex propose something wondeeland you Ganta…. Got a deadman wonderland sex of making something off a web site? Does Monohydrozine ring your clock kid? Our class was doing a science study of the Japanese space program and I was doing a report on rockets and how they worked but I didn't try anything.

You didn't try to replicate making monohydrozine from that deadman wonderland sex you visited? Here's a picture of the web page, look it over. I didn't try it. It says trying it without the right equipment could kill you.

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