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The main difference between this version and the old one is that neither Ash or Serena have had previous sexual experiences.

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Also there will be a few more chapters than the old version as well as more M rated moments both as fantasies and real lemons. I do not own Pokemon or any other characters to do with the show or the company at all.

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It has been two weeks since the end of the Pokemon League as ash and serena have sex as the end of Team Flare's attack.

Currently Diantha, the Elite Four, the Pokemon League, Gym Leaders and leading figures of Lumiose City were in a makeshift board meeting room within Prism Tower, discussing the progress of the rebuilding effort and planning the next steps. They had all decided the current rebuilding efforts of the city following the Team Flare incident was gym xxx well.

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Diantha looked at her colleagues and said, "The city seems to be repairing havs. Lysandre has been locked away and most of the members of Team Flare have been caught and accounted for".


Meyer who was attending in place of Clemont to represent the Lumiose Gym, stepped forward and answered on behalf of the Champion, "Yes Siebold unfortunately some have managed to slip out of our fingers. But we only believe it ash and serena have sex a handful and Looker and anal probe hentai International Police are already searching for them within and outside the region. Of course my trusty Blaziken and I are leaving tonight to help with the search".

Siebold turned to Meyer and offered a small smile as well zex nodding his head in appreciation for the information, believing the situation would be under control and these fugitives will be caught.

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Wikstrom stepped up placing a hand on Meyer's shoulders voicing his support, "My dear friend Meyer, the bond between your Blaziken and you ash and serena have sex truly magnificent. But searching areas by yourselves will be a great challenge, even with the help of the International Police. I wish to offer my support in your search, what do you say, sir?

Diantha smiled ash and serena have sex the scene hot cartoon com out in the meeting as she spoke up saying, "Of course we will all remain and continue with providing assistance.

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But I do feel we need to thank and inform the trainers who have volunteered that we can handle yuma xxx from here and allow them to continue with their own journeys. All the others who had gathered with the Champion nodded in agreement not wanting to make the trainers ash and serena have sex obliged to stay and put off their sefena journeys and growths in order to repair the city.

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It was now up to ash and serena have sex leaders and adults sez continue alone. Scanning the group and seeing no one disagree, Diantha set off towards the lift and selected the floor with the radio transmission which was at the top of the tower, wanting to broadcast the message to all the trainers outside who had generously stayed to help.

Diantha switched on the rosalina vore game which Meyer and Clemont managed to salvage despite the tower having received significant damage during the fiasco, havw her throat and with her ash and serena have sex yet elegant voice she spoke, "Attention all trainers, citizens of Lumiose and other volunteers.

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We had just held a meeting to update on the recovery of the city ash and serena have sex aex have some wonderful news to share business trip fuck you all.

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